Saturday, July 10, 2010

Maria Ross Dallas Jail Guard Arrested for Illegal Alien Status

Maria Ross has been working for the Dallas County Sheriff's jail facility in some capacity since 2001.  Yesterday she was taken into custody on charges that she is in the country illegally.

Maria Ross

Ross was arrested on "civil immigration violations," according to ICE. Ross applied to be a "deputy sheriff" and had to go through a background check, which didn't work out so well for her. The question is: did they hire her without a background check? This sheds some light:
To be hired by the Sheriff's Department as a jail guard or deputy, candidates have to be U.S. citizens. It's not only a Sheriff's Department rule but a requirement of the state licensing agency, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education.
However, the state requirement only became effective in 2003, according to a spokeswoman.
Ross has a Social Security number, according to family court records.
Her state officer standards and education record shows she attended classes at El Centro College and Dallas Baptist University. She also attended the sheriff's academy before obtaining her state jailer license in 2001.
Ross, whose maiden name is Medrano, married a Dallas County sheriff's deputy, David Ross, in 2005. They have two small boys.
The couple separated in January 2009, the same month Maria Ross filed for divorce, according to court records. The divorce became final last month, records show.
Oh come on, now. Ex-hubby turned her in??? I don't believe the Sheriff's Department didn't know, so hubby forced the outing.

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