Monday, April 20, 2009

FBI Leak: TEA Party Spies, Canada Report (Video)

A concerned FBI agent has leaked to Canada Free Press that Americans were spied upon by the Agency at TEA parties around the country. See a video below.

Tea Party
An FBI agent risked his own career, according to this report: covert surveillance was “planned and performed” at each of the TEA parties that took place last Tuesday.
Listen to what I am saying,” stated the source during an interview with Doug Hagmann, founder (NEIN). “The Department of Homeland Security Intelligence Assessment that is receiving so much attention is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and the true patriotic citizens of this country are on the Titanic. There have been very significant changes made over the last few years that redirect the focus and assets of the intelligence community internally. These changes have greatly accelerated under this administration, and the threats have been redefined to include those who used to be patriots. It’s not only chilling but absolutely insulting to God-fearing Americans.”
Canada Free Press/Northeast Intelligence Network considers their source "impeachable."
"A single-page confidential directive issued by the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC...was sent to each of the 56 field offices located across the United States on or about March 23, 2009, instructing the Special Agents in Charge of those offices to verify the date, time and location of each TEA Party within their region and supply that information to FBI headquarters in Washington." "The implications to the citizens of the U.S. are ominous. It seems that there is a hostile political agenda coming from Washington that characterizes the supporters of our constitutional freedoms as threats to our domestic security, which is totally absurd. The redirection, the refocusing of domestic threats from al Qaeda cells to ‘flag waving right-wingers’ is something that has gone from a murmur a few years ago to a roar today.”
The rest of the story. The video below is the Chicago TEA party - the infamous reporting of Susan Rosen who claims that this particular TEA party was anti-CNN. This video continues beyond what CNN showed you. Watch how the TEA party participants now confront Rosen.
TEA Party - What CNN Didn't Show You! (Video)

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