Sunday, February 4, 2007

Al Qaeda Claim: "...new ways to attack American Planes"

A short blurb on Fox News Channel last night caught my attention. The inference was that al Qaeda may be using a different type of anti-aircraft missile in Iraq. I'm convinced that Iraq doesn't have a single anti-aircraft factory up and running inside its borders. If al Qaeda's claim is true, officials seem unwilling to hint at the origin of these new weapons being provided to the world's most despicable group of wannabe Dictators. I'll not hint, but I will speculate that it's more of Iran's on-going plan to bring about the total destruction of Israel and America. A helicopter and soldiers here, your freedom and mine, there. The loss of one will eventually result in the loss of the other, if Congress doesn't let our U.S. Military get-on with winning this war. Small, pertinent portions of two articles are shown below. To read the entire articles, use the link provided above each of the excerpts.

Today's CBS News Online: Iraq: After Saddam From a fairly long piece, way down toward the bottom of an article titled: Baghdad Bomb Kills 121, Wounds Hundreds you'll see this small statement toward the end of the article:
"A U.S. Army helicopter crashed Friday in a hail of gunfire north of Baghdad, police and witnesses said — the fourth lost in Iraq in the last two weeks. The U.S. command said two crew members were killed, and the top U.S. general conceded that insurgent ground fire has become more effective". An al Qaeda-affiliated group claimed responsibility and said its fighters had "new ways" to attack American planes.
From Fox News online this morning:
"BAGHDAD, Iraq — All four U.S. helicopters that have crashed in Iraq since Jan. 20 appear to have been brought down by "some kind" of ground fire but it is unclear whether this represents any new threat to U.S. aviation, the chief U.S. military spokesman said Sunday".
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