Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Featured Contributor: Faultline USA

You've noticed, in the recent past, the fine work contributed to Maggie's Notebook by TXWise of Faultline USA. If you are a conservative, Faultline USA's work has likely come to your attention. Here's an inside look at the background supporting TXWise's sharp commentary and the ability, and determination, to dig-deep into the issues: TXWise has had quite a few overlapping careers in her life: LMSW Social Worker, Field Instructor for graduate social workers, Small Publications Editor (before the internet they were called “Zines”), Theologian, Certified Mediator, Facilitator, Workshop Presenter (Conflict Resolution), Visiting Peacemaker, and overall a highly opinionated on-call know-it-all. She holds a Masters in Theology , and a B.A. in Sociology. According to TXWise . . . In my younger adult years I was a self-satisfied, smug, Liberal. Rearing children into adulthood is one sure way to punch more than a few holes into Utopian thinking. In the late 90’s I decided to follow through on my long-held desire to go back to graduate school to earn a Masters in Theology. It was there in seminary where I learned that my true calling was not the ministry, but the preservation of our American Republic! Navigating life in a leftist seminary brought out all that I had earlier denied – my true conservative roots!!! One of the first lessons I learned in seminary is that you cannot divorce religion from culture. Every religion carries with it the mark of the culture that gave it birth. Either religions will adapt to cultural change, or the culture will adapt to religious change. Change one and you change the other. It’s as simple and as complex as that. The second lesson I learned in seminary (a liberal mainline Protestant seminary) was that there is a major investment by liberal (mainline) denominations in promoting Religious Pluralism in the name of Social Justice and cultural diversity. The third lesson I learned in seminary is that any conservative thought openly espoused by either student or professor was tantamount to heresy!!! You cannot progress in a “progressive” institution if you are even the slightest bit conservative. While the liberal seminaries give lip-service to tradition, Christian tradition is merely a tool for deconstructive argumentation. The lifelong lesson I learned in seminary is that our nation is under direct attack from the left, which has successfully infiltrated all of our cherished institutions – especially mainline Christianity. If we love America, each of us can no longer afford to remain silent.

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