Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Immigration Reform: Rally with Roger Hedgecock

The rally announced below also includes a fundraiser for Border Agents Compean and Ramos. This from The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

"There’s an old expression that if you want to get politicians to see the light, make them feel the heat."
That’s just what FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) and dozens of radio talk show hosts from around the country are planning in April."
This from NumbersUSA President, Roy Beck:
Looking for a way to counter the open-borders protests? Attend big DC pro-borders rally in April. Ever since the mass pro-illegal-alien rallies a year ago, many of you have been pushing for an opportunity to make your views and presence known in a Washington D.C. protest. Here is your chance to do some travel and put your body on public display as standing for the rule of law and against rewards for illegal immigration.
FAIR states this about its Tuesday night event: Hold Their Feet to the Fire participants will also take up the cause of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, the two Border Patrol officers who are serving long prison sentences for having defended themselves and the American public against an illegal alien drug smuggler. The wives and other family members of the two officers will be in Washington pleading the cases of the two men and will be at the "Defend Those Who Defend Us" fundraising reception, hosted by FAIR. We hope that you will join us at this event and show your support by helping us to raise much needed funds for the legal defense costs of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean. Advance registration is required if you would like to attend this special fundraising reception, meet the Ramos and Compean families and show your support for the unjustly imprisoned Border Patrol officers. We are also asking for a minimum donation of $25, which will go towards the legal defense of these men. MEET THESE RADIO TALK SHOW HOSTS AT 'HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE' These hosts already have committed to broadcast from the event: Roger Hedgecock, KOGO-AM, San Diego, CA Jon and Ken, KFI-AM, Los Angles, CA Helen Glover WHJJ-AM Providence, RI Dan Rivers WKBN-AM Youngstown, OH Martha Zoller WDUN-AM Atlanta, GA Phil Valentine Westwood One 50 Stations National Dom Giordano WPHT-AM Philadelphia, PA Jeff Katz WBT-AM Charlotte, NC Marc Bernier WNDB-AM Orlando, FL Victoria Taft KPAM-AM Portland, OR Chris Baker KTRH-AM Houston, TX Steve Clark WFBG-AM Altoona, PA Dominick Brascia KOLE-AM Beaumont, TX Bill LuMaye WPTF-AM Raleigh, NC Les Kinsolving WCBM-AM Baltimore, MD Dan Gaffney WGMD-FM Rehoboth Beach, DE Dave Barger, Roy Goshom, Bob Alexander WRTA-AM Altoona, PA Lynn Woolley Syndicated 7 Stations Central Texas Gary Sutton WSBA-AM York, PA Steve Gill Syndicated 7 stations Tennessee Peter Boyles KHOW-AM Denver, CO James Allman Asher Benrubi KFTK-FM St. Louis, MO Armstrong Williams WWRL-AM New York Janet Parshall Salem Network 100 stations National Jon David Wells KLIF-AM Dallas, TX Randy Renshaw KSCJ-AM Sioux City, IA Phil Williams WNOX-FM Knoxville, TN Will Anderson WVNN AM/FM Huntsville, AL For all of you who won't be able to physically be here in Washington DC, you can light a fire RIGHT NOW under Congress, the President and many of his officials (as well as some governors, mayors and some key Catholic bishops and other outrageous supporters of open borders).
If you are not familiar with NumbersUSA, it's a one-stop source for immigration issues. Trackposted to Perri Nelson's Website, Faultline USA, third world county, basil's blog, Overtaken by Events, The Pink Flamingo, Stuck On Stupid, The Bullwinkle Blog, Conservative Cat, and Conservative Thoughts, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.
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