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Open Trackback March 24-April 4
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Welcome to Open Trackback and Linkfest Haven.
My computer will be down for 10-15 days.

I'm trying an extended Open Trackback and Linkfest while my computer is either repaired or replaced. If you want to trackback during this time, and if you have the patience to await being linked to this party, I’ll add your links just as soon as I'm up-and-running again.

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Operation America Rising from Planck's Constant.Excerpt:"Operation America Rising" Will take place on 7-7-07 in every capitol city in America at the same time. There will be prominent speakers and entertainers. Children and adults will be gathered together saluting America's finest.

Protesters Burn Effigy of US Soldier from The Amboy Times.Excerpt: In Portland, OR 3/18, the anti-war crowd shows their true face. Chanting, bye, bye GI, in Iraq you're gonna die!I'd question their patriotism...if they had any. Trackposted to The Virtuous Republic, Perri Nelson's Website, A Blog For All, 123beta, M..

Watering Down the Message? from Freedom Folks. Excerpt: I have been struck recently by the number of participants in left-leaning political rallies who are there for something other than the cause at hand.

Obama Campaign Abusive to Blue Dogs from Faultline USA Excerpt: It's a sign of the times when Blue Dog Democrats have to leak stories to conservative bloggers because their own party has abandoned them.

Keep Elizabeth Edwards in Your Prayers from Stormwarning's Counterterrorism Excerpt: To be a wife of a politician cannot be an easy life. The media attention in general, and then the microscope underwhich your lives are lived is much more than many who would consider serving our Country could bear. Many

A Third and Fourth Front in the War from Right Truth. Excerpt: Peace in Northern Iraq has been a source of pride for Americans, but looming conflict on the Turkish border may prove to be what some are calling a third front in the war. Also there is more evidence coming forward that Muqtada al-Sadr's

British sailors confessed to Iran, no way Right
Excerpt:News reports say British sailors and marines confessed to the Iranians that they were indeed in Iranian waters. I don't believe that for one minute. The semi-official Fars news agency said they had been transferred to the capital Tehran to

German Judge Condemned for Citing Qur–an from Woman Honor Thyself. Excerpt: BERLIN — Politicians and Mus–lim leaders denounced a German judge for citing the Qur–an in her rejection of a Mus–lim woman’s request for a quick divorce on grounds she was abused by her husband.

Another Open Trackback Weekend from 123beta from 123beta.
Excerpt: Wow, this week passed quickly! Time for another open trackback weekend, so have at it.

Houdini's Body To Be Exhumed? from The World According To Carl. Excerpt: Harry Houdini From the AP: Eighty-one years after Houdini died on Halloween 1926, his great-nephew wants to exhume the magician's body to determine if enemies poisoned him for debunking their bogus claims of contact with the dead. ...

THR:Weekend Update (What's Wrong With Talk Shows?) from Adam's Blog. Excerpt: What is wrong with talk shows today and does it have something to do with teaching our kids one side of controversial rather than teaching them to think? Also hypocrisy for Steny Hoyer and some House Democratic Freshman. One Texas Legislator proposes...

All'UFO, All'UFO from La Toga Strappata® Excerpt: ... ... Sembra che, ultimamente, stiano aumentando i casi di avvistamento di oggetti volanti, non bene identificati, nei cieli di tutto quanto il mondo. Lasciamo, per un attimo, gli ufo nostrani, quelli che spaziano nel cielo di Montecitorio e gridano ...

It's going to be a busy week from Mark My Words. Excerpt: While it would be tempting to make this post about Rosie O'Donnell's 9-11conspiracy lunacy, or the (ir)rational response squad

Iranians Claiming Brits Were Committing Espionage from A Blog For All. Excerpt: The Iranians, who entered Iraqi waters to detain 16 British sailors and Royal Marines, are now claiming that they are going to be tried for committing espionage against Iran...and violate the Geneva Conventions.

Charlie Sheen Backs Screw Loose Change 9-11 Conspi from Blue Star Chronicles.Excerpt: puffy boy and mediocre actor Carlos Estevez aka Charlie Sheen is set to narrate a new release of the conspiracy theory internet movie Loose Change.

US Marine is Awarded British Distinquished Flying from Blue Star Chronicles.Excerpt: Queen Elizabeth II awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross to U.S. Marine Major William D. Chesarek, Jr. He is the first American to receive this honor since World War II.

Anti-American Left is Increasingly Out of Control from Blue Star Chronicles.
Excerpt: I’m sickened by our most loudly vocal countrymen. They have no idea the sacrifices made on their behalf. They are oblivious to what is done to protect their right to spit in the faces of their fellow Americans and to burn our Soldiers in effigy.

Satan's Sunday Flame: Hagel, Graham, Specter from The Virtuous Republic. Excerpt: Satan just shakes his head every time he hears the names Hagel, Graham, and Specter mentioned. Obviously, they don't understand how to play the political game against the Democrats. Maybe Satan can help them here: If the Democrats want, it is prob.

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