Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hillary - Harry - Hijackers - Hypocrisy

Arrested Militants Trained to Use Planes in Suicide Bombings

CAIRO, Egypt — Some of the militants arrested in a terror sweep in Saudi Arabia trained to use civilian aircraft in homicide missions, a Saudi interior ministry spokesman said Saturday.
Read the story at FoxNews.com. As Democrats, unbelievably, thumb their righteous noses at "America's General" Petraeus, terrorist plane hijackings are still in the news, and Congress plays mind games with funding for our troops. Read Layla's interesting comments on the emergency funding at The Hill Chronicles.

On Harry - this from David S. Broder's WashingtonPost.com op-ed:
Here's a Washington political riddle where you fill in the blanks: As Alberto Gonzales is to the Republicans, Blank Blank is to the Democrats -- a continuing embarrassment thanks to his amateurish performance.

If you answered " Harry Reid," give yourself an A. And join the long list of senators of both parties who are ready for these two springtime exhibitions of ineptitude to end.
Broder also refers to a Chris Wallace "FoxNews Sunday" interview with Chuck Schumer 'splaining' what Reid meant when he said the "the war is lost." This analysis from Broder:
Everyone got that? This war is lost. But the war can be won. Not since Bill Clinton famously pondered the meaning of the word "is" has a Democratic leader confused things as much as Harry Reid did with his inept discussion of the alternatives in Iraq.
On Hillary's funding rap:

Hillary's Sister Souljah Moment? Courtesy of jpcarter888

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