Monday, April 16, 2007

Israel-The British-Boycott-NOT!

Woman Honor Thyself is reporting a British call for boycott and sanctions against Israel. All the details are there, along with excellent analysis. Woman's important piece has offered an opportune time to put up a subject-related video by the very talented Kalisto89. Kalisto89's "Israel You Didn't Know" Permalink for this entry: http://maggiesnotebook.blogspot.com/2007/04/israel-british-boycott-not.html Trackback URL for this entry: http://haloscan.com/tb/maggiesnotebook/7091068821120919049 Tracked to: Iz-lamic RepubliC of GreaT Britain by Woman Honor Thyself. Excerpt from her important piece: Britain’s National Union of Journalists denounced Israel on Friday for its “military adventures” in Gaza and Le-banon, called on the government to impose sanctions and urged a boycott of Israeli goods. Tracked back by: Hot Seat from The Florida Masochist. Excerpt: Some news from Japan. Burning cutomers' buns would not do INAX's market share the least bit of good. MOre Guns - not fewer is the Answer to West Virgin from planck's constant. Excerpt: "Many more people have died in Hollywood Westerns than ever died on the real Frontier…[i]n the real Dodge City, for example, there were just five killings in 1878, the most homicidal year in the little town's Frontier history: scarcely enough to sust.. Cosmic Justice from third world county. Excerpt: Karma can be a bitch. Oh, you probably know what I’m talking about: NJ Governor Jon Corzine’s little boo-boo on the Garden State Parkway. No, I’m not gloating that a politician *spit* was seriously injured. But I am pointing out that what happen... Shameless Self-Promotion from 123beta. Excerpt: I'm proud to announce that I am now a contributor at both Dhimmi News Network and Reject the U.N. blogs! Global warming prevents hurricanes? from Perri Nelson's Website. Excerpt: Last year we were told, based on computer models, that global warming would increase the severity and frequency of hurricanes. This year we're told, based on computer models, that global warming might actually prevent hurricanes. No One at Virginia Tech Knew or Recognized Cho Seu from Blue Star Chronicles. Excerpt: No one knew Cho Seung-hi prior to his horrific murderous rampage yesterday. When interviewed after the killings, students described him as an Asian male that none of them recognized. Guess How Much John Edwards Pays for a Haircut … from Blue Star Chronicles. Excerpt: I bet you can’t guess….. Partaay! from Woman Honor Thyself. Excerpt: Hooray kids ..it’s…………. “Pal–eostinian Prisoners Day!” Gitcher ski masks, chains, lighter fluid, old Alice Cooper T-shirts Forgiveness and Healing?..Not just YeT from Woman Honor Thyself. Excerpt: I believe that this early healing talk is both foolish and immoral. It is foolish because one does not speak about healing the same day (or week or perhaps even month) that one is traumatized — especially by evil. One must be allowed time for anger and grief. To speak of healing and “closure” before one goes through those other emotions is to speak not of healing but of suppression. Podcast: Reaction to the Partial Birth Abortion from Adam's Blog Tonight on the Truth and Hope Report: -Reaction to The Partial Birth Abortion from Adam's Blog. Excerpt: Ban Ruling -Idiotic Congressional legislation on corporations -Obama on VA Tech, outsourcing, and Don Imus -Richardson rising. Imus: The Pigeon's Response from Diary of the Mad Pigeon. Excerpt: Al Charlatan and his minions vilify whiteboy after whiteboy, yet doesn't bat an eye at Bratz dolls or young black Rap artists glorifying male excess and female subjugation as sex objects. Network Says It Debated for Hours Whether to Air Shooter’s Images, Was It A Ratings Grab? from The Left/Right Debate. Excerpt: I am curious how all of you feel about this and this Confused Americans for Truth - Please Stop the Dark Music and the Sepuchral Pronouncements from The Conservative Cat. Excerpt: WLS-AM, which is the local radio station that carries Rush Limbaugh, just completed broadcasting a special ABC News Report on Cho Seung-Hui, the Virginia Tech killer. Listening to experts dissect Cho's motives and interpret his ravings was the last straw for me. Keeping Racism Alive by Eradicating White Privilege from Faultline USA. Excerpt: “Our goal is neither to defy or denigrate Whiteness, but to diffuse its destructive power.” (White Privilege Conference, April 18-21, 2007) “A yearly opportunity to examine and explore difficult issues related to white privilege, white supremacy and oppression.” A Closer Look at One Battlefield: A Journal Essay from A Few Shiny Pebbles. Excerpt: In order to fight for what we believe in, we must be clear about (1) what it is that we are defending, and (2) what our Leftist enemies are trying to do to us to bring about their own utopian system, which also means, (3) analyzing what they say for what they might really mean. I want to try to translate this citation from a Scientific American article into terms that I can use to see what lies behind the words. VA TECH ATTACKED AGAIN………IT’S THE GHOULS………… from StikNStein Has No Mercy. Excerpt: A second sinister attack has descended on the brave students at Virginia Tech today. Technorati Tags:

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