Wednesday, April 25, 2007

POLL: Republican Congressmen Need More Microphone Time?

See poll at end of my email to Congress:
I have emailed the following to my Senators and Representative, as well as Senators Mitch McConnell and Trent Lott and Representatives John Boehner and Roy Blunt:
My husband and I are asking that you and every Republican Senator and Representative step-up to the microphones and confront Democrats on the truth of the issues…call-out their meaningless postulating. The fact that conservatives are seldom in the camera lens, or in front of a mic, is damaging our position on every level. We see and hear only the radical Democrats who hold a microphone like a child holds a binky. Democrats do not answer Republican charges. Hold Democrats responsible for Reid’s claim that the troop surge is not supported by the Iraq Study Group. Cheney rebutted: that statement is “plainly false.” Reid ignored it and no one pressed the issue. This is just the ammunition Liberals need – no substance – call Cheney an “attack dog.” Reid’s opinion that the war is “lost” should be fiercely confronted, daily, in front of a microphone. Remind the world of these words! Where are the rebuttals to Democrat misrepresentations? It is not true that Democrats have a “mandate.” Find a mic and define “mandate.” These positions are controversial, true, but we cannot let Democrats be the “decider.” Keep each issue alive. We need strong voices – often. Is it possible to find a microphone when you leave a committee room? If so, we encourage you to seek it and use it. Please put-on the pressure in front of the microphone, loudly and factually, and in the press in every way possible - soon. Thank you so much. We are very concerned.
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