Tuesday, June 19, 2007

BREAKING: The Battle for Iraq is On - from Michael Yon

Michael Yon is reporting on a new and fierce battle for Iraq, with Baquba at the heart. To me, today as I read his dispatch, Michael's reporting seems as it must have felt when Americans heard that Pearl Harbor was bombed, or as each major battle commenced. Michael says this is a new assault in Iraq... a fight that some have known about for a month or so.
By the time these words are released, we will be in combat. Few ears have heard even rumors of this battle, and fewer still are the eyes that will see its full scope....practically no news about it is flowing home....Even the media here on the ground do not seem to have sensed its scale.
With General Patraeus in command, Michael says:
We are in trouble, but we have a great General.
Assuming this reporting is correct, and I am now hearing some from Fox as I blog, but not cast in the dramatic light of Yon's blog, then I believe this is a special time to hold-up for prayer throughout the coming days, our military, our country and the Democratic people of Iraq. Read it here:here. God bless our troops and their families. God bless our battles for freedom. Trackposted to Perri Nelson's Website, third world county, Big Dog's Weblog, Adam's Blog, Pirate's Cove, The Amboy Times, Leaning Straight Up, Conservative Cat, Right Voices, Gone Hollywood, and OTB Sports, Trackposted to Outside the Beltway, Rightlinx, The Virtuous Republic, Allie Is Wired, DeMediacratic Nation, Right Truth, The World According to Carl, The Pink Flamingo, Planck's Constant, Webloggin, Pursuing Holiness, and The Yankee Sailor,thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe. Maggie's Notebook pinged: Fred Thompson Smacks Baghdad Reid Around from Wake-up America. Excerpt: We have taken Harry "Baghdad" Reid to task over his comments about the Iraq being lost and his idiocy in calling General Pace "incompetent" when Reid himself has proven time and again that HE is the incompetent one, Maggie's Notebook pinged: Prepare for New Attacks on American Soil from Debbie at Right Truth. Excerpt: Another attack inside the United States could be in the form of a nuclear bomb, suicide bombers, an attack similar to September 11. Whatever form it takes, many believe it's not if, but when. And when that happens, how will the new leadership respond? Or should I ask if they will respond at all. You decide: Maggie's Notebook pinged: Have You Thanked the Troops Lately? From Blue Star Chronicles. Excerpt: When’s the last time you sent a message to our Troops thanking them for what they are doing for us? Maggie's Notebook pinged: A-rabs Drawin CartoonS again..Yeehaw! from WomanHonorThyself. Excerpt: Inter-Pale-stinian fighting in Gaza has unleashed barrage of virulently anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic cartoons in Ar-ab and Mus-lim media, Anti-Defamation League says.. Maggie's Notebook pinged: FashionN NewsFlash: Courtesy Ham-ASS from WomanHonorThyself. Excerpt: Lemme save ya the time. Here’s a handy dandy translation: The Jews aren’t all in the sea yet. Maggie's Notebook pinged: My Father's Day from 123beta. Excerpt: The last time I say my father was when I was thirteen years old. He 'showed up' for one day, promised to buy me a drum-kit and then dissappeared for ever. I never knew my dad. Maggie's Notebook pinged: An Open Mind from Amboy Times. Excerpt: Watch the Video. Pinged by Here's what talk radio is talking about from Right Truth. Excerpt: I wish Trent Lott could have been driving with me today. When I'm in the car, I listen to talk radio and today I paid special attention to what was being discussed. I couldn't believe that Trent Lott and company Technorati Tags: , , , ,

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