Monday, June 25, 2007

"Take Back America" Caption of the Day

Visit V the K's photo caption site . Under a photo of Hillary at the Liberal "Take Back America" conference, V the K offers several pithy captions, but this one is the bomb:

"And I think you should take back America, like you would with any unwanted gift the day after Christmas..."
IMO, this caption perfectly describes the Left's desires for this country:
  1. Take it back and exchange it for a government run by the Legislative Branch
  2. Take it back and exchange it for socialism
  3. Take it back and exchange it for the European Union
  4. Take it back and exchange it for even bigger government
  5. Take it back and exchange it for a smaller and less powerful military
  6. Take it back and exchange it for a neutered America
  7. Take it back and exchange it for the North American Union
  8. Take it back and exchange it for the North American Community
  9. Take it back and exchange it for empty church sanctuaries
  10. Take it back and exchange it for a small "g" in God
  11. Take it back and exchange it for an America history that began in the 1960's
  12. Take it back and exchange it for Jihad because that's what the Left is waging on the U.S.
  13. Take it back and exchange our patriotism for allegiance to the House and Senate
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