Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday OTA, OTPB and Linkfest

Continue the fight to kill the Senate illegal immigration bill. To find your Senator's contact information, go to the top box in my sidebar, enter your zip code and make your opinions known. Phone and fax information below.

This Legislation is very much alive, and there is a new tactic the Senate plans to use, known as the "clay pigeon." To read about this "scheme" by Senator Harry Reid, read about the "clay pigeon" here

When your Senator's office patiently explains to you that under this new legislation border enforcement will be stronger due to a fail-safe biometrics form of identification, explain that you have no confidence in a "fail-safe-anything" devised by Capitol Hill. Let's face it, they cannot keep your social security number safe, indeed, they do not want to keep it safe. By allowing your SSN to be "shared," several other illegals can work and pay into the system. The issue is: they want a steady stream of cheap labor - cheap labor that can be controlled. There is no other issue for those attempting to ram-through this reprehensible Bill.

s.1348 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007
Let's give notice to our Senators that we WILL NOT waste our 2008 vote for ANY Senator, no matter how esteemed his service, and no matter her past record, if he/she votes for this Bill, under any circumstances.

Here's some handy information from the Coalition Against Illegal Immigration:
National Republican Senatorial Committee: 202-675-6000
Republican National Committee (RNC): 202-863-8500
Send a free fax at Numbers USA

The best summation of illegal alien crime and encroachment, on the web, is a simple slogan from Blogs4Borders...the illegal alien problem is "100% Preventable."

To read about radio talk-show host, Laura Ingraham's interview on illegal immigration with White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow, Tony Snow and Laura Ingraham: Another White House Surge

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