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Weekend OTA, OTPB and Linkfest - June 8th

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Pinged by The Payoff for Annoying Congress from blog@MoreWhat. Excerpt: Oh it sounds impressive. ‘A failure of leadership in a flawed political culture’ conjures images of great moments in history. But that is not the case. It is more of the same pathetic concerns displayed by some members of Congress and the White House. How do they keep the money rolling in from lobbyists representing those who profit from illegal immigration?

Pinged by40 years now 40 years in the desert then from planck's constant. Excerpt: In 1446 BC in the Sinai, the Israelites had among their tribes people like Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton and John Murtha.

Pinged by The Most Dangerous Bills Before Congress: Amnesty from Faultline USA. Excerpt: The Hate Speech Bill has left the House and is about to go to the Senate. For background on this frightening legislation read Hateful Conservatives Beware. . . The Amnesty bill for blessing ILLEGAL Immigration is about to be revived by President Bush..

Pinged by Another border agent headed to prison from Right Truth. Excerpt: Another border agent due to start prison term -- Judge, prosecutor the same as in Ramos-Compean case, WND: Another former U.S. Border Patrol agent is due to start a prison term on Monday รข€“ this man sentenced for a typographica

Pinged by Friday Sermon from Iran: Demise, Nuclear Peace and from DeMediacratic Nation at Townhall. Excerpt: Speaking in an encore presentation to last Fridays Sermon from Iran, Provisional Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Ayatollah Mohammad ..

Pinged by The 'Silent' Jihad In America... from of Bullets and Bibles,. Excerpt: There are certain activities, going somewhat unnoticed, here in our country, by those with devotion to destroy us. When a ring or small group of 'rogue thugs', who just happen to be muslim, are arrested for conspiracy, the media will report on it. Th..

Pinged by No Experts Need Apply from Committees of Correspondence. It seems that the IPCC has a new rule "No Experts Need Apply" Yes it would appear that at times genuine experts insist on scientific verification, This can interfere with the true message

Pinged by Unfair Competition [Weekend Open Trackback] from Phastidio.net. Prosecutors have charged environmental activist Wu Lihong with extortion from industrial plants that he accused of polluting Taihu Lake in eastern China’s Jiangsu province, state media said on Wednesday. The prosecutors in Jiangsu’s Yixing ..

Pinged by Radical Math at the DOE in NYC from No Apology. Excerpt: In a 1993 pamphlet to teachers, the NEA had this to say: “Allegiance to a nation is the biggest stumbling block to the creation of international government. National boundaries and the concept of sovereignty must be abolished. The quickest w...

Pinged by Death Tolls and the blogosphere today. from Wake up America. Excerpt: Jules has two excellent must read pieces, one of which shows Death Tolls that our media has been ignoring.... terrorist death tolls.

Pinged by We killed the Patriot Act from Perri Nelson's Website. Excerpt: This morning I'm reading blog posts all over the place that say the "comprehensive" immigration reform bill is dead. I beg to differ. This travesty of a bill, this outrage isn't dead.

Pinged by Bull roar from CoE investigator from Potbelly Stove. Excerpt: Well, Herr Marty, it seems to me you are asking the CoE and the rest of the world to take you at your word. Nice try

Pinged by International food fight from The Florida Masochist. Excerpt: Some news from China- BEIJING - Certain health supplements and raisins imported from the United States failed to meet Chinese safety standards and have been returned or destroyed, the country's food safety agency said Friday, turning the tables o...

Pinged by Where"s the Fence? from The Amboy Times. Excerpt: Reminiscent of the old where's the beef? commercials.Three old ladies are looking for the border fence -- and feeling the same frustrations millions of Americans are expressing with Congress' rush to amnesty. This ad is running nationally. Trackposte..

Pinged by HMM - The Secret to Pleasing High Maintenance Men from Adeline and Hazel. Excerpt: News flash! I've been married for a few years, and it has taken me this long to learn an important secret to pleasing my HMM. He simply wants to BE with me. It's not enough to sleep together at night and spend every evening together. This past we...

Pinged by G-8: A Historians Take from DeMediacratic Nation. Excerpt: Don't usually just post without comments or take on something, but this from Victor Davis Hanson today on the G-8 Summit is a very worthy read (when is he not).From its conclusion,

Linked by Rawhide: Amnesty Bill Fails to Win Cloture Vote from Third World County. Excerpt: What the Dims and Felipe Calderon’s Lapdog are feeling just a bit like today after their immigration bill (AKA: “Give Away the Store”) failed to win a cloture vote: rawhide. Nanny. Nanny. Boo. Boo. ...

Linked by One Good Thing: The Last Day of School from Random Yak. Excerpt: I spent most of the week so far in the weeds that I completely forgot about my “One Good Thing” experiment. This is not to say that I haven’t noticed the “good things” - often in the form of small, easily overlooked blessings - but I’ve ...

Linked by How Cool is this? from Nuke's News & Views. Excerpt: Gizmag is reporting that a Silicon Valley startup, Personal Flight Systems, has been awarded a patent for “a safe, silent personal flight device using electromagnetic ion propulsion as its primary thrust generator and drawing its power wirelessly from earthbound inductive green power broadcast stations.”

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