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Hillary Clinton, Chris Matthews and MSM Perpetuate the Lies

Update 9:20 a.m.: Calabrese is posting this a.m. on Zeifman's site: He clarifies Zeifman claims that Hillary removed impeachment documents concerning Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas from a place accessible to the public to her own office, or a House Judiciary committee office, where they were no longer public.

FLASHBACK: Former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger in the Clinton administration. Berger stole, and secreted, papers from the National Archives and Records involving terror threats against the U.S., presumably to protect the reputation of Bill Clinton.

FLASHFORWARD: Berger is now an advisor on Hillary Clinton's 2008 Election campaign staff.

Keep in mind, all this happened in the environment of the United States of Representatives.

The crux of Zeifman's writings and interviews seems to be that a precedent had been set with impeachment resolutions for Supreme Court Justice Douglas. Douglas was allowed counsel. Hillary was instructed to change no procedures by her supervisor, Zeifert as well as House leaders. Instead, she hid what had gone on before, drafted new procedures and denied that she had made any changes - attempting to keep Nixon from attaining legal counsel.

Calabrese quotes Zeifman as saying that her legal brief(s) was so "fraudlent" that he she could have been disbarred if the impeachment had gone forward and Nixon had not resigned.

Here's the history:
On March 31, 2008 (not April Fool's Day) Dan Calabrese at North Star Writers Group posted a column about 27 year old Hillary Clinton - about her work on the Watergate investigation and her unethical practices: attempts to deny President Nixon counsel, attempts to protect secrets of the Kennedy administration, actually removing certain impeachment documents from public view against the direct order of her superior (remember her good friend Sandy Berger who stole documents on behalf of the Clintons?), among others, and her eventual firing by her Supervisor, Jerry Zeifman, General Counsel and Chief of Staff of the U. S. House Judiciary Committee.

The accusations were, and are, strong and direct from Zeifman. Why haven't we heard of this flagrant and illegal behavior before? I think there are two answers: (1) We are simply numbed to her abuses - they've all run together - Watergate, Travelgate, and... (2) We haven't been reading or listening.

Zeifman has been telling the world about Hillary for some time now.

1995 - Zeifman's book is published: Without Honor: Crimes of Camelot and the Impeachment of President Nixon.
Note here that, according to Amazon.com, the introduction to this book was written by John Dean!Here are portions of some reviews of Zeifman's book, taken from Zeifman's webpage:

Publishers Weekly: The House Judiciary Committee's recommendation in 1974 that Nixon be impeached was nearly thwarted by a sham congressional inquiry, according to this blistering expose....Finally, Zeifman maintains that Doar aide Hillary Rodham (now the First Lady) helped Doar gain control over the investigation through unethical tricks and faulty legal opinions
Edward Mortimer (Financial Times) The story is utterly fascinating and the
extraordinary quotes from his diary taped at the time surely make it a primary source
of considerable importance.
Henry Hyde (Chairman, House Judiciary Committee) After I started Jerry Zeifman’s extraordinarily insightful book I could not put it down -- and finished it in one sitting.
Also from Zeifman's website he recalls an incident that happened as he was promoting the book. Zeifman's literary agent arranged for John Dean and Jerry Zeifman to meet privately with Hardball's Chris Matthews (MSNB). Zeifman says that Matthews treated him "discourteously by ignoring Zeifman and talking only with John Dean. Zeifman finally did, however, get a word or two in:
I reminded him [Matthews] that I had worked with his former boss Tip O'Neill to oppose Ted Kennedy's efforts to keep Nixon in office and quoted the former Speaker as follows:"the Kennedys are not real Democrats like you and me. They've got their own Camelot Party. I was born a Democrat before I was baptized a catholic." Matthews reply was, "What did he mean by that?"
Still in 1995: Zeifman says the only television interview he was granted in Washington, D. C. about his book was by Reed Irvine for Accuracy in Media. Zeifman indicates that all the mainstream media doors were closed to him (my words, not his). He also states on his website, dated January 29, 2008, that he regrets not speaking out sooner and "urging readers to boycott him [Matthews] and MSNBC."

This book is available as a download for $3.00 for Zeifman's website.

October 29, 1996 - it appears that Zeifman has a piece or is interviewed in the Wall Street Journal. While this piece is not about Hillary, it is about the time she was getting all that "experience" she's always telling us about. Titled Cancer on the Presidency - Speaking of today's possible First Spouse (Bill Clinton), Zeifman laments the corruption in the Clinton administration and summarizes:
The misdeeds of the Clinton administration have fallen into a pattern of
deceit and corruption that now clearly justifies denying Mr. Clinton a
second term in office. To date more than 30 high administration officials
have been investigated, fired or forced to resign, and the White House
has illegally obtained more than 900 confidential FBI files. Four
independent counsels have been appointed, three to investigate cabinet
members and one to investigate the president himself.

The White House suppressed documents under subpoena. The
Department of Justice, the FBI and the Treasury Department have been
politicized and misused to prosecute or investigate innocent staffers of
the White House Travel Office. The president's Health Care Task Force
operated secretly in gross violation of federal disclosure laws, misled
the federal courts and ignored conflict of interest laws.
2006 - Another Zeifman book is published: Hillary's Pursuit of Power
I found one review on Amazon. Zeifman describes the book much as the above Without Honor.

September 24, 2006 - Newsmax Headline: Democrat Insider: Hillary Unfit for President

Reprinted in the same Newmax piece:
The New York Post, August 1999 - a letter from Zeifman:
And I also concluded that she had violated House and committee rules by disclosing confidential information to unauthorized persons�
Hillary's main duty on our staff has been described by her authorized biographer as establishing the legal procedures to be followed in the course of the inquiry and impeachment. A number of the procedures she recommended were ethically flawed.
I decided that I could not recommend her for any future position of public or private trust.
February 5, 2008 - Accuracy in Media MSNBC's Chris Matthews Still Abusing His Guests

Then there's this on Free Republic, posted by "doug from upland" The Real Hillary. I cannot vouch for Doug's "12 Episodes," of course, but they are familiar reminders. NOW will be a great time for some blogging sleuths to vet these stories.

There is a long list of bloggers that picked up on the Accuracy in Media reports in February and several expressed doubts that Zeifman's info would peak interest. Let's make it happen NOW.

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