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Right Reading for the Left from Maggie - April 15, 2008

Wolf Pangloss has up a wonderful post on Afghanistan. In Good News from Afghanistan, he goes far beyond the usual mention of successes, with a list of twelve vital accomplishments. Of the twelve, Nos. 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are most impressive to me - OKAY, I admit it, I am awed by each one of these. God bless the Afghani's and our armed forces who are working so diligently, efficiently and bravely to sustain these giant steps.

RightTruth has a video on Canadian Health Care. It seems strange to talk about RightTruth and health care, because this is one of the best counter-terrorism blogs out there.

In my view, health care is becoming an "enemy." Some of us see this controversy as "terrorism," because it is terrifying to consider Obama or Clinton managing our health. God forbid! This is all-out war. Leave my health care alone. Don't touch my decisions. Keep the heck away from me and my right to make my own decisions.

Every American needs to see this video. We bandy about options for cheap health care, how to get everyone covered, how to get the most out of our health care. Watch this video and BE AFRAID...BE VERY AFRAID.

Back to the more common form of terrorism, which would be Islamic. Debbie at RightTruth asks "Are we Prepared"

I'm wondering if Western governments understand that this cleric is saying what Islam believes, what Islam desires? Do the leaders try to stop this spread of Islam? Do they try to educate their citizens to the threat? Do they try to educate their CHILDREN to the threat? Probably not.
Sultan Knish analyzes the nasty little habit of "tolerance," - which I believe is at the root of most of America's problems today. It is simply political correctness, which is always a lousy platform. Knish says:
...there are behaviors that we accept, behaviors that we tolerate and behaviors that are unacceptable. The liberal credo of tolerance though has eliminated two of the categories and warped language and attitudes to equate tolerance with acceptance and to all but eliminate the idea of unacceptable behaviors entirely, as long as they are grounded in a different culture....

That is why we must be careful of what we tolerate, because intolerance is the gatekeeper, the immune system that acts as a barrier. There are things for which that barrier should be lowered and things for which it should remain in place. A society that universally tolerates everything is a society without values or defense mechanisms.
Read his post. There's much there that deserves serious thought.

Woman Honor Thyself has a video clip that left me feeling terribly sad, as all this racial hatred always does.

Daphna Zimon, founder of Children Uniting Nations, received an invitation to speak to Kappa Alpha Psi, a black national fraternity, where she was to receive the Tom Bradley award for her work with inner city children.

After she spoke, the keynote speaker, Rev. Eric Lee, verbally assaulted Ms. Zimon. Among the indecencies, she says Lee "intimated" that because Barack Obama is now "their" leader, "the gates are open for them to tell the truth about the Jewish people."

We just have to wonder where all this "integration" has taken us. How many black churches are out there hating us from the pulpit? Ms. Zimon has a response for the very "reverend" (my emphasis - not Zimon's) Lee. I hope you'll go to Woman Honor Thyself (at the above link) and watch this video.

War News: Vets on the Hill 4/9/08 - Part 1
The Morning Debrief was accomplished, apprehensions were set aside and many a man donned the Mission Face - as a Warrior only knows. We boarded the buses and headed to The Hill. As I sat in that cushy seat, I drifted back to days gone by of many insertions, less the cushy seat - will this be the one? - the one what? - will I be at my best? - my best what? - will I be able to perform as my country expects to and will my comrades accept my actions? - many a man talked amongst themselves as we made our way to Indian Country; that is what The Hill is, by the way.
The reporter here is Snooper, a profilic writer with a sharp eye and keen ear, always writing about our troops and our veterans. He is a warrior with a keyboard. Follow the link above and read how Rep. John Murtha and Senator Barack Obama's office received these soldiers and veterans.


Quite simply, I thank God for bloggers - for the ignorants ones, because now we know, and especially for all those sane voices out there.

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