Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Black National Anthem Replaces America's Star Spangled Banner

Rene Marie, a reported jazz singer, stood up at the Denver Mayor's Annual State of the City Address, and sang the Black National Anthem - not The Star Spangled Banner, as was scheduled. (Catch the man with his hand over his heart) Any thoughts about this? Here's some info about the songwriter/poet and the song itself. Tracked back by: Newt Gingrich from Woman Honor Thyself - Excerpt: The lib lefties continue to give ecumenical cover to imperial Izlam Childless adults happier than adults with children from Right Truth - Excerpt: " ... marital satisfaction decreases dramatically after the birth of the first child and increases only when the last child has left home." That statement is from Daniel Gilbert's 2006 book "Stumbling on Happiness," where the Harvard profes... Dumpster Muffin Alights! from Stuck on Stupid - Excerpt: Dumpster Muffin, the highest perched protester for the preservation of an oak grove alights from her roost in Berserkely Berkeley, CA. From SFGATE: Four of the Memorial Stadium tree-sitters left their perches Wednesday and late Tuesday, leaving onl... MonitoR or Close the MosqueS NOW from Woman Honor Thyself - Excerpt: This absurd sensitivity to people who want to kill is going to...well, get us all killed. Speaker Pelosi Was Sending Messages to FARC Terrorists While Undermining Colombian Government! from Right Voices - Excerpt: The Wall Street Journal first reported on the confiscated FARC documents that implicated Rep. McGovern back in March: The Reyes hard drive reveals an ardent effort to do business directly with the FARC by Congressman James McGovern (D., Mass.), a lead... Our Pals, the Saudis from Woman Honor Thyself - Excerpt: Heck, if you don’t get what you want, you can always open the floodgates of blood. Then shriek IzzzzzzzzzlamoPhobia when the infidels bleed. One Good Thing: Paper Clips from The Radom Yak - Excerpt: Complete the following sentence: The last time I paid attention to a paper clip was ………Yeah, I said “basically never” too. While attempting to fall asleep last night, I found myself pondering paper clips. (Welcome t... Columbia rescues 15 hostages from FARC from Rosemary's News and Ideas - Excerpt: ...we are receiving news that three of our men that were taken hostage in February 2003...were finally freed. There was also a French presidential candidate among them, along with 11 Columbian police and military personnel Pro-Lifers Defining the Issue from Adam's Blog - Excerpt: Podcast Show Notes Barack Obama’s statement on abortion shows pro-lifers are winning the debate by defining the issue. John McCain’s campaign works to get around the laws he made. The Islamist war on dogs. (Hat Tip: Instapundit.) Nobel ... Why we went to Iraq: The reality the left hates from Leaning Straight Up - Excerpt: Douglas J. Feith recaps the reasons we went to war in Iraq. It won't be popular as he avoids rhetoric and accusations, and instead lays out the real timeline and thoughts behind the decision to go to war from an insider's perspective. Happy 4th! from The Amboy Times - Excerpt: First, I found a couple of great old timey videos. They are short and sweet.This one is circa 1903. Happy Birthday America from Big Dog's Weblog - Excerpt: This great nation proclaimed its independence in 1776 and fought the British to gain just that. We became a nation in 1781 with the Articles of Confederation. Our new nation recognized that the form of government needed fine tuning and a Constitution.. CURRENTLY READING: “The Grace Awakening” by Charles R. Swindoll from The World According to Carl - Excerpt: I've been reading this book by Charles Swindoll in my spare time (what little I have) and have been enjoying it. It's been teaching me about God's Grace from the Bible and how God's Grace applies to a believer's life. I haven't finished it ... PhotoHunt 117: Pointed from The World According to Carl - Excerpt: The latest PhotoHunt category from tnchick.com is “Pointed” which can be interpreted as one sees fit. I had many possible choices for this week's photohunt and after careful consideration I finally chose the following: Linked by:

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