Monday, June 1, 2009

Hillary on Fertility: Muslim Babies Okay, Jewish Babies Not Okay

Hillary, speaking on behalf of the U.S. has told Israel that we want no more growth in the West Bank, and that includes no more settlements, outposts and "natural-growth." "Natural growth" refers to the birth of babies, so the U.S. wants no more of them in the West Bank. Can you believe the arrogance? See a video below.

Hillary Clinton
The no-baby declaration came as welcome news to Palestinians, who are rapidly losing their advantage in the breeding battle. Aggressive international family-planning programs contributed to Palestinian fertility rates dropping almost 30 percent between 2003 and 2008, to 3.31 children born per woman. This compares to 2.77 births in Israel, which experienced a 10 percent increase over the same five-year time period. If these trends continue, Israelis will be outpacing Palestinians in a few years.
A Washington Times editorial sums it up this way, and how courageous to see this in print:
The State Department would do well to stay out of this issue. The West Bank settlers in particular will not respond well to finger-wagging from the United States over how many children they choose to have. Behind the euphemism "natural growth" are thousands of babies, girls and boys, who are objects of love and adoration of their doting parents. Secretary Clinton's devotion to the peace process is a much less powerful force than the love of Israeli parents for their children.
The other elephant in the room, is of course, the myth of Israel occupying the West Bank. The West Bank was intended for Israel in the original League of Nations mandate. The West Bank is the land of the ancient Judea and Samaria. The Brits ripped-off the land and gave it to Palestine. Israel eventually took it back again. The West Bank was always intended to be a part of Israel. Read details: The Flight from Fact: Maddening Realities. To my regular readers, forgive me as I put this point in print every chance I get. We have not heard of the State Department calling for a reduction in Muslim births, and can't you imagine the outcry if we had done so? If you have not seen the video below of world demographics and what those demographics mean to every freedom loving person, here it is.

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