Friday, June 19, 2009

Texas Crowd Shows Pelosi Displeasure - Republican Shut Out: Dem Shenanigans - Videos

A 64 Billion Dollar spending bill with more than 100 Amendments was rushed through a surprise House vote. GOP understood they could offer amendments and instead were called back for a vote after they were told that voting was over for the day. See first video below. Amendments presented by GOP included two blocking A.C.O.R.N. - or any group - from getting Federal funds while under Federal indictment. This was among those not allowed as was one related to investigating Nancy Pelosi's claim that the CIA lied to Congress. If there were any doubt of the un-Democratic party's heavy-handed tactics - to rush through reckless spending at a breakneck unexamined pace - that was eliminated today. See Rep. Michele Bachmann's statement about the shut-out here, and her plan to launch her own personal Constitutional protest to ACORN and the U.S. census here.
Houston Tea Party Society: While, on other fronts, a vehement crowd in Texas decried Nancy Pelosi's appearance there. Despite Mainstream Media's screening-out of rising public dissent to her party's reckless spending and unscrupulous tactics, outrage continues to build. Watch this video of patriots voicing their displeasure to Pelosi and government. "Get out of private business" is one of the comments you'll hear in the video below. Then there's this report:

Hundreds laid down their money to watch an onstage interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in Houston, the epicenter of Bush Country, on Friday night.

And hundreds turned up outside the venue to Tea-Party Pelosi.

The speaker didn't make so much news in her remarks to the Progressive Forum, whose members paid between $19 and $144 to hear what she had to say about health care, the war in Afghanistan, energy -- and her autobiography.

The scene outside the Wortham Center was less sedate, according to the Houston Chronicle -- with about 600 anti-Pelosi protesters jeering attendees as they streamed in and out:

“Turn back while you still have the chance! Don’t support the liar!” Doug Audirsch, of Porter, shouted while hoisting a sign over his head that called for “Less 1984 — More 1776.” Most of those making their way through the gantlet seemed to take the jeers and catcalls in stride. Some of the attendees blew kisses, while at least two made obscene gestures to the activists. “I think they were probably prepared for this,” said Paul Kelver of Spring with a laugh. “She’s so far away from mainstream American that it’s unbelievable.” Police estimated the crowd at 600. Houston Police Department officials at the scene said there were no reported incidents or arrests.
Politico's report called the protesters "hardcore." Their example: a free market advocate wearing a Wonder Woman bustier -- and signs like, "I'm the ProLife gun toting Constitutionalist the D.H.S. warned you about." Thanks to Tsunami Media W.A.M. News Room
Republicans Shut Out - Dem Shenanigans
Texas Crowd Shows Pelosi Displeasure - Houston Tea Party Society

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