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Michelle Obama Disbarment, Disciplined? Michelle's Administration Job

During the presidential campaign, I heard over and over that attorney Michelle Obama had been disbarred. I could not confirm it, so I didn't write about it. I was on the right track though, because while she was not technically disbarred as far as I know, she was actually 'disciplined' and was "ordered inactive status."  Update 10-24-09 For the latest information, and simpler reading click here.


Michelle Obama Court Mandated Disciplinary Inactive Status

Michelle Lavaughn Robinson Obama, the First Lady of the United States and the wife of U.S. President, Barack Obama, was "disciplined" for something as an attorney, and was not authorized to practice law" in 1993.

She did not voluntarily change her status to "inactive," as in "I don't want to do this any more," or "I'll be travelling Europe for a year, see ya when I get back," or " I think I'll working at Chicago University for awhile, I'll get back to you on that license." Or at least that is what appears to have happened. No. She didn't have a choice. (thanks to reader Carolyne), or so it seems. The above comes from the ARDC (Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois. The graphic belongs to Pamela Atlas Shrugs who blogged about this on December 25th, 2008. Before you run over to Pam's to see the record up-close-and-personal, and read exactly what the ARDC is, and what they do, stay with me for a minute while I tell you some other things about Michelle Obama, or at least, refresh your memory. Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are listed on the White House website as part of the White House "administration."

Has that ever happened before...a First Lady and a First Vice Lady shown as "administration?" We didn't "elect" either to anything. Did Barack Obama "appoint" them to something? Evidently. Do they get paid - other than the occasional visit to Paris and London? Some information on Michelle Obama's job while at University of Chicago. You'll remember that she worked at the hospital prior to her husband becoming an Illinois State Senator. She was paid about $120,000 as Vice President of Community Relations. During this time, Barack was the chair of the Illinois State Senate's powerful Health and Human Services Committee - "the position tied by some to the Rezko scandal."

Then State Senator Barack Obama became U.S. Senator Barack Obama and her salary tripled to over $300,000 - for doing the same job but the job title changed to Vice President for External Affairs. In Illinois, being a court-mandated, disciplined and suspended attorney is not a problem. Here's more about Michelle by Abraham H. Miller July 5, 2008:
In 2007 the not-for-profit University of Chicago hospital turned out a profit of 143 million, and is up 118 million for 2008. The hospital is scheduled to receive a 30 million infusion from Medicaid, and will be turning some of its Medicaid patients to another hospital to free up space for its private insurance paying patients. According to the (London ) Daily Mail (online), in 2006 the hospital turned away an indigent man, who died. Now you might ask what does a community relations director at a university do? The question is who does the community relation's director know? The answer became apparent when Barack was elected to the U.S. Senate and Michelle's salary more than doubled.
Barack and Michelle were a power couple hooked into the Democratic machine. Tony Rezko cultivated them, the Chicago Way. When the Obamas bought their mansion in trendy Hyde Park-Kenwood, Mrs. Rezko bought the lot next door for asking price in a coordinated deal from the same seller. The Obamas got their house at a discount. Mrs. Rezko paid full price. Later, Mrs. Rezko sold part of the lot to the Obamas to expand their back yard.
Remember the "indigent man" mentioned above? We've heard about this the past few days - old but heretofore unreported news, and more than just one "indigent man:"
Last year, 12-year-old Dontae Adams was attacked by a pit bull. His mother immediately took him to the university's emergency room. However, the staff was more interested in her insurance provider, she says, than they were in treating her soon. After learning she has Medicaid, Dontae was promptly redirected to a hospital an hour away. A few months later, a 78-year-old Medicare patient died in the waiting room after nurses failed to register him for almost four hours. ...these experiences are far from uncommon. The Chicago Tribune reported that 32 percent of patients redirected from the university's E.R. are poor or uninsured. And people we interviewed outside local clinics said the university would be the last emergency room they would visit.
Read more patient statements at "First Lady Michelle Obama Accused of Patient 'Dumping.' Stirring the muddy waters a bit more, this hospital has received millions from the federal government. Keep in mind that "patient dumping" is illegal. Now however, University of Chicago hospital is on a thrift kick, and they plan to eliminate some key positions and higher-salaried positions. Michelle Obama's $300,000 job isn't worth keeping. Poof! - Michelle is gone. Poof! The job is gone. Why pay someone to do a job that you have an insider to do? That would be Michelle inside the White House. Michelle who is a part of the "administration," according to White House.gov. (thanks to JoshuaPundit). In June 2008, University of Chicago Medical Center/Hospital announced the construction of a new $700 million "pavilion." While patients are allegedly dumped, plans for a beautiful new building grows skyward.
University of Chicago Hospital Pavillon

The University of Chicago Medical Center is forging ahead with a major financing plan to pay for a large part of its new hospital pavilion in the face of a turbulent economy that has triggered layoffs and spending reductions at the facility this year.
Why have we not heard that Michelle Obama was disciplined? What did she do? Isn't that something Americans should know? The graphic you see above of the documentation of her court mandated status may have been removed from the ARDC website. I searched for it using the same topic that Atlas Shrugs used. I searched for it several ways and there appears to be no Michelle Obama in the records. You can look at the url that Pamela used, duplicate it and you get a 404 error - page not found. It is extraordinary that a First Lady of the United States could be a "disciplined" lawyer no longer allowed to practice. This First Couple reminds me of the reign of the Perons.

Update 8-4-09:
Get a look at Michelle Obama's White House staff

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See update to "disciplinary" status: 
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