Thursday, December 3, 2009

West Point Cadet Reads Kill Bin Laden at Obama Speech

A picture is worth a thousand words. A West Point cadet reading Kill Bin Laden by Dalton Fury and the famous Col. David Hunt was allegedly snapped before President Barack Obama's began his speech last Tuesday night at West Point.

 West Point Cadet Reads Kill Bin Laden

 The cadet is as yet unnamed, and according to the Daily Mail the photo was taken in the Eisenhower auditorium 1-1/2 hours before Obama took the limelight.
A Times analysis of the badges on the cadet’s chest shows that he is a “prior service” student at the academy, recommended for a place there after active service in Iraq. He is an Army Ranger who has earned an Iraq Campaign Medal and six other awards including an Army Commendation Medal, an Army Good Conduct Medal, a National Defense Service Medal and a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. 

Read the whole story at Daily Mail.

Photo credit: Shannon Stapelton/Reuters.

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