Friday, January 8, 2010

Judge Napolitano Michael Scheuer: Ass-Kissing and Clogging the Intelligence Pipeline

Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA's Alec Station, which was tasked with hunting Osama bin Laden, interviewed with Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Glenn Beck Show today. Scheuer was asked if John Brennan was up to serving as the President's right-hand man on security.

To kick things off, Scheuer began by saying Brennan's career mainly consisted of ass-kissing. In the second video, he says al-Qaeda may be clogging the intelligence channels with false information, and worse yet, with Obama's promise yesterday to chase down and follow every threat, the threats will become even more prevalent, and unmanageable.

Earlier in the show, Napolitano talks about the performance of the TSA's cameras at the Newark Liberty Airport, when a man entered a secure area through a sterile zone. Cameras caught the man embracing a woman in what was probably a goodbye kiss. Then he doubled back through a no-entry zone, ducked under the rope and walked off toward the boarding gate hand-in-hand with the woman - and out of sight. Napolitano said the airport shutdown caused soldiers to be counted AWOL, and students to miss classes - all because the proper equipment was not functioning where it should have been functioning...but then there the fact that the TSA officer who should have been on duty "stepped away" from his post and missed the entire event. See that video here (No. 5)

Mark A. Mix, President of National Right to Work talks about the danger of unionizing the TSA, which Obama approves of, and the possible confirmation of Erroll Southers as head of TSA. Tipping the Marzi to Larwyn's Linx.

Napolitano, Michael Scheuer and Mark Mix (video)

Judge Napolitano and Michael Scheuer (video)

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