Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama Rallys for Martha: Dems Blame Bush for Martha's Failure: Kennedy Calls Martha Marcia

You know, it's not just the Democrat leadership. It's the Dems that follow these politicians around - like at the Obama rally for Martha today in Boston. As the audience left, Felicia Sonmez tells us:

"the consensus was that the fault for Coakley's now-floundering Massachusetts Senatorial bid lies with one person - George W. Bush.
 Poor guy, this President of ours:
he works 36 hours a day - to solve these problems that he inherited."
Rep. Patrick Kennedy, the son of Ted and Joan Kennedy was there. He mingled with the crowd after...talked a lot about Marcia Martha. The woman is so inconsequential in the state, that Patrick "repeatedly" referred to her as Marcia! Enjoy the comments on NationalJournal post. Thanks David for the heads up.

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