Monday, March 29, 2010

David Stone is Hutaree Leader: David Stone Seditious Conspiracy

David Stone, the alleged leader of Hutaree has escaped the FBI and is said to be on the run. He and his family, as well as others have been charged with Seditious Conspiracy. Correction: David Brian Stone is in custody. Joshua Stone is currently a fugitive. Update: 3-31-10 below.

Top Row Left: David Brian Stone 44, David Brian Stone Jr. 19, Jacob Ward 33, Tina Mae Stone 44
Bottom Row Left: Michael David Meeds 40, Kristopher T. Sickles 27, Joshua John Clough 28, Thomas William Piatek 46

The most striking thing I am noticing this morning is that the "Islam" angle has completely evaporated. I'll have continuous updates here. Also odd, Hutaree is apparently believed to plotted to kill police, then attend the funeral and kill the mourners. Yesterday, reports were that one of the members was arrested at a funeral for another Hutaree member who died of natural causes. Coincidence?

From the indictment: The charge against those arrested is:
 "Seditious Conspiracy and Related Charges: "...indicted by a federal grand jury in Detroit on charges of seditious conspiracy, attempted use of weapons of mass destruction, teaching the use of explosive materials and possessing a firearm during a crime of violence...
Those charged:
David Brian Stone, 45, his wife, Tina Stone, 44, his son Joshua Matthew Stone, 21, of Clayton, Michigan, and his other son, David Brian Stone, Jr., 19 of Adrian, Michigan, Joshua Clough, 28 of Blissfiled, Michigan, Michael Meeks, 40 of Manchester, Michigan, Thomas Piatek, 46 of Whiting, Indiana, Kristopher Sickles, 27, of Sandusky, Ohio and Jacob Ward, 33, of Huron, Ohio...
All of the above are said be a part of Hutaree.
"...the Hutaree, conspired to oppose by force the authority of the U.S. government. According to the indictment, Hutaree members view local, state, and federal law enforcement as the "brotherhood," their enemy, and have been preparing to engage them in armed conflict."
...Because the Hutaree had planned a covert reconnaissance operation for April which had the potential of placing an unsuspecting member of the public at risk, the safety of the public and of the law enforcement community demanded intervention at this time." 
Continuing updates.

Update 3-31-10:
A report out today says that an undercover FBI agent was involved in the arrests.
David Brian Stone used several aliases or nicknames: "R.D.," "Joe Stonewall," and "Captain Hutaree,"

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