Monday, March 29, 2010

Muslim Norman Leboon Arrested in Eric Cantor Threat

Muslim Norman Leboon, who says he is "a Shia Muslim who loves Allah," but also says in other videos "I am the Messiah," was arrested in Philadelphia for posting a YouTube video threatening Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) and his family. The video was pulled. More as details are available.

Norman Leboon

According to The Hill, Leboon has also made threats against Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), yet donated twice to Barack Obama, totaling $505 in contributions. The DNC says they will donate any contributions made to Democrats by Leboon.
"Your punishment is coming, the swine, it will be severa, and you will beg for mercy to your god. It will be severe, you will know god's swine, god has warned you."
Over the weekend, law enforcement notified Cantor that there was a threat against his life, and was told authorities deemed the threat credible. Just a week ago, a window in Rep. Cantor's office was shot through.

Leboon says he is Prophet Norman, God's last messenger here on earth. He posts his videos under shiamuslimcantbestopped.

Some of Leboon's video titles:

For President Only (snippets):
President Obama: You have denied and defied your God and your presidency has not been going well...You will be destroyed by God. You don't know who you are...the unemployment rate will be 35% by June of next year, Mr. President of unemployment...There will be a single currency...God destroyed your Citibank...God destroyed your GM and your Chrysler...December 2, 2009 is a day of reckoning...Yes God has given me great power with the Angel Gabriel...The days of hate against Blacks, Women, Jews, it's over. God put Joe Biden as Vice President as I was at his birthday party to save his life, I was at Joe Biden's birthday party to save his life...because Satan wanted him destroyed...you know this Mr. President...you know this. You need to grow up and humble yourself to God...God is very angry with you Mr. President. You need to read the Bible because you are a Christian...stop listening to Ph.D.'s with hate in your heart. 
To Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 9-19-09 is God's Day
For Hamas Only
To the Pop of Rome
YouTube employees will ALL lose their first born
CNN will burn to the ground (he begins by saying I'm the Messiah!) See this video.

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