Friday, April 2, 2010

Brandon Halcomb Letter to Joe Biden: High School Junior Letter to VP Biden

Brandon Halcomb is a junior in high school. He took the time to write a letter to VP Joe Biden and it should give us the courage to recognize that there many fine young high schoolers across our country who recognize our politicians for the pitiful specimens that they are. Mr. Biden, the world is watching, and when we pick ourselves up off the floor, the "F" word still resonates.

The following letter was sent to the editor at GoodNewsDaily.net, from a 16-year-old, asking for help in getting his message to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. Mr. Biden, are you listening?)
Thank you to Fort Hard Knox
Brandon Halcomb
A Concerned Christian Youth of Today’s America
Dear Vice-President Joe Biden:
Today is a sad day for my fellow Americans and me when such a powerful figure, such as yourself, could so loosely use the “F” word on national television. I know you have to understand the powerful influence you hold on children’s lives across the nation. As a junior in a public school in eastern Kentucky, it is hard enough to try to escape or get through the school day without hearing such perverse words from my own peers. However, to hear such a prominent man who helps hold our country in his hands blatantly use such a word makes me worry about my country’s morals and values.
My grandfather did not have half the education you have, but he taught me three things: An intelligent person listens more than he speaks, he also never swears in front of women or children, and he always wears a shirt in public places, unless he’s at the beach or the swimming pool. My grandfather always said, “I know in a society where anything goes a young guy has to take a stand on something; if he doesn’t, he will fall for anything.” Although I am only sixteen, I do try to honor my deceased grandfather’s words of wisdom.
Vice-President Biden, you have offended some of your fellow Americans, myself included. It was wrong for you to have used such vulgarity in a public place, let alone at the taxpayers expense as you celebrated such an awesome landmark with our President. However, Vice-President Biden, to me, you cheapened that occasion with such tastelessness while congratulating the President on this event.
Many may say, I am so young what do I know? I know that I have grown up in a wonderful country that has tremendously changed throughout the years. Although I love the changes America has gone through with freedom, it frightens me to think of how weak Her morals and values are beginning to become. Vice-President Biden, you owe your fellow Americans, or at least its youth, an apology for the use of such an inappropriate word. I, for one, refuse to think that this is what has become of the English Language, especially when there are more powerful words and ways to get one’s point across.
In conclusion, some may call me old fashioned for upholding my grandfather’s good ole American morals and values. However, our ancestors founded this country on these very principles: hard work, integrity, and honor. What honor can a man have if he defiles his own name? Mr. Vice-President, please while holding our futures in your hands, do not allow any more of America’s morals or values to be lost. Please, I beg, leave the profanity behind closed doors, and enlighten today’s youth with the words of wisdom that YOU have to pass down to my generation. Thank you for your time.
Brandon L. Halcomb
Junior, Athlete, Honor Student, and a Christian at Leslie County High School

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