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Herman Cain for President 2012? SRLC 2010 Roundup

New Orleans hosted the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) this year and I think a round-up of some observations might be of interest. Among the many fine speeches, Herman Cain was fabulous as always. Might Cain run for president in 2010? See an important Herman Cain video below.

First, blogger Carol Grace attended SRLC and sent notes via iphone, as well as photos. I have family in from out-of-state and and have only now had a chance to put her comments up for you:

Carol Grace
The 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference ends tonight with a gala, but for some of us non-party types it ended with Michael Steele's address.

We of the GOP (Grand Old Party, to some, but I like to think of it as Government Of the People) were immersed in three days of speech-making and workshop sessions designed to energize and expand the base. And indeed, if our party cannot be energized by the likes of J.C. Watts, Newt Gingrich, Liz Cheney, Sarah Palin, and Mike Pence then perhaps we don't need another turn on the Hill. But, as all conservatives know, another turn on the Hill is not only what we need, it is vital for the continuation of our great nation.

We were reminded by Newt that although we have been nick-named "The Party of No" by our Democratic counterparts, we only say "no" when the consequences of saying yes are devastating. We would just as soon be labeled "The Party of Yes," but we must be given something to which we can reasonably and conscientiously say "yes." Or, as Sarah Palin reminded us, not only are we "The Party of No," when it comes to our president's hair-brained ideas, we are "The Party of Hell, No."

The same theme ran through each speaker's oratory, and that theme was "repeal and replace." Repeal the laws designed not to make us better, but steepen the decline in which we find ourselves, and replace those laws (and lawmakers) with laws that will strengthen our economy and ensure our security, and with lawmakers who have the courage to do what is right. As Michael Steele said, "we all make mistakes, but losing in 2010 and again in 2012 is a mistake we cannot afford to make."

I cannot offer you my opinion of who was the best speaker or who had the best ideas. In my humble opinion, any and all of the persons who found their way to the podium in New Orleans would be better equipped to be our Commander in Chief than "The One" who currently occupies that office. I am so grateful that for a change the pool from which we will be able to elect our next leader is markedly deeper than in years past.

I heard quotes from Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp and knew that our current leaders are on the right track, and that is the pathway toward a brighter, stronger future. As Ted Cruz from Texas said, "It took a Jimmy Carter to give us a Ronald Reagan." If Jimmy Carter's reign could produce Ronald Reagan, imagine the great leader who will emerge as a result of Obama's single term in office. Our 45th President may just become Obama's finest legacy.
Carol J. Grace is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  She is a Christian, a Conservative, and a Republican.   Carol has one book of poetry, "Reflections of a Life Well Spent," published in 2008, and is working on a volume of political verse called "The Political Winds Still Blow."  She and her husband returned to Little Rock in 2006 after corporate assignments outside of Arkansas. Visit her blog at Seeking Holiness.
Melissa Clouthier, mentions something 'simmering below the surface" at SRLC:

Melissa Clouthier
But first principles are inconvenient when an old-guard politician is trying to keep power and money. And so beneath a placid, optimist surface, there is struggling. The struggle would seem to be philosophical: big government Republicans against tax-assailing and small government conservatives with some Tea Party help.
Clouthier talks about the inspiring Herman Cain, brings up the possibility of a presidential run - and quotes him referring to the possibility of "the dark horse" candidates. In Melissa's video, Cain clearly says while he has not made a desicison to run, he is considering it. I love Herman Cain! See his SRLC speech in the video below! Wooooooo Hoooooooo!

Then there is Texas Governor, Rick Perry, who Clouthier says gave a "barn burner" speech at SRLC, and it roused the crowd "in a major way."

Melissa Clouthier is a blogger at Dr. Melissa Clouthier, and at RightWingNews, and a mother:
Chiropractic was a profession where pantyhose and high heels were unnecessary which made it very appealing. I thought it would be good to have a “real” profession since writers don’t make money. Helping people feel better is fantastic. Chiropractic is the best health profession–instant gratification. It’d be cool to be a plastic surgeon, too.
Ericka Anderson, also writing at RightWingNews talks about blogging at these high-profile conferences:
Thankfully, the GOP gets it. Almost every event features special invites for bloggers, with VIP access and exclusive interviews with high profile individuals. House and Senate Republicans dominate Twitter, Facebook and blogging -- communicating regularly with the new media activists messaging in the battle online. The conservative movers and shakers online are faily young, offering a future of real opportunity and growth....
Anderson loved hearing the featured speakers: Sarah Palin, Mike Pence, Michael Steele, Bobby Jindal, and Newt Gingrich, but says:
...being with conservative bloggers in action some of the most politically impassioned folks I've met was the best part. Almost all of those I deal with are principled, accurate, dedicated and entertaining. They hold our politicians accountable, keep the eye of the news in the right place and rally the troops when it's crunch time. They are the secret weapon.
At TheOtherMcCain, see two 'man-on-the-street' videos of Brian Reilly, at SLRC. Reilly is a Republican running against Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in Florida's 20th District. Wasserman-Schultz is the congresswoman who told a townhall attendee recently that there was no mandate to buy health care in the new law! Brian Reilly is someone to get to know. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is someone to boot out of office.

 MB Snow at Political News Now has a video of Rep. Thaddeus McCotter speaking to the Conference. If you have watched McCotter much, you know he has a razor-sharp dry wit. At about 3 minutes in, he gets serious about the meaning of being a conservative.

Thanks to Smitty at TheOtherMcCain for the video.

Herman Cain at Southern Republican Leadership Conference 2010 (video)

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