Friday, April 2, 2010

Phil Hare US Constitution: Adam Sharp - St Louis Tea Party Grills Hare who Doesn't Worry about the Constitution Video

Rep. Phil Hare (D-IL) crossed paths with Adam Sharp from the St. Louis Tea Party. It was not Hare's lucky day. It was not Hare's best day. The Congressman made the mistake of saying when it comes to health care, he "doesn't worry about the Constitution." See two videos below.

Phil Hare

Over and over Hare is asked "Where in the Constitution does it give you the authority to... [pass health care mandates].

Adam Sharp with the St. Louis Tea Party grilled Hare, who claimed he read the complete health care bill three times. Unfortunate for him, because Sharp (or perhaps someone with him) knew exactly how long it takes to read the monstrosity - 8100 pages at 1 minute per page, multiplied by 3 comes out to 405 hours spent on reading the bill by Hare. Hare asks if he is calling him a liar, and Sharp or whomever, says "I am."

The first video is a snippet of the "I don't care about the Constitution." The second video begins at the same venue in a townhall setting. Up front he tells the audience some people want him to kill the bill, and he says" that's not going to happen." THEN a young woman in the audience asks "where in the constitution does it say you can make me buy health care?" His answer is pathetic, and it certainly does not address the constitutionality of the law. Finally, he tries to tell the audience he "hears them." "Anyone can take the easy way out," he says. Someone says: "you did." The crowd reminds him that his constitutents did not want the bill. This crowd doesn't let him get away with that rhetoric. They also remind him that the government has no money. His answer is "Well...."

Then a man asks: "When in the hell are you people in Congress going to start acting like Americans - instead of traitors and communist pimps...."

He is pushed even more to tell them how the Constitution allows for the health care mandate. Hare's answer:  I believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Sharp (I believe it is Adam Sharp speaking) says, "so, my pursuit of happiness is being forced to buy your product? Some woman is telling Sharp to "shut up."

The young woman who first asked the question about where the Constitution allows the mandates, has a quiet chat with Hare about abortion. Hare says he is Catholic, and he believes abortion is a mortal sin...but as a legislator he has a different job to do."

Rep. Phil Hare: Doesn't Worry about the Constitution (video)

Rep. Phil Hare and Adam Sharp - St. Louis Tea Party (video)

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