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Sharron Angle Sean Hannity Video: Sharron Angle: The Right Contract with America is U.S. Constitution

Nevada Republican Senate candidate, Sharron Angle, will face Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) in the November elections, or better put, Reid will face Angle. The well-spoken Angle says "we have the right contract with the American people, and that's the U.S. Constitution. Woot!  Angle was on The Sean Hannity Show tonight. See that video below.

Sharron Angle

Reid has announced that he is proud of his record, he defends his earmarks, in a time of obscene spending, and he's crazy for Barack Obama. I can't wait for Obama to trek to Las Vegas to stump for Harry. It is widely believed that Billy-Bob Clinton saved Senator Blanche Lincoln's bacon in Arkansas. Billy hasn't felt so good about himself since Monica flipped her thong in the Oval Office, but he will be on the campaign trail with Dingy Harry.

The man Democrats are calling the most powerful man in the Senate is under 50% in the polls. This from the Wall Street Journal:
...a new poll [June 12th] out by Rasmussen shows Ms. Angle jumping to an 11-point lead over the incumbent [Harry Reid]...Eighty-eight percent of Republicans support her compared to a mere 68% of Democrats who back Mr. Reid. Independents also favor her by 10 points. 
Here's the good stuff: Angle supports the Oath Keepers, a group in law enforcement who are audacious enough to pledge to protect citizens against governmental unconstitutional acts - such as subverting the second amendment, violating a state's sovereignty and, or carrying out a governmental blockade of American cities. That's the agenda of a true constitutionalists.

Angle's angle is to take us out of the U.N. Music to my ears. On the count of three...all together now, Get the U.S. out of the U.N., and the U.N. out of the U.S.

Be still my heart: She wants to privatize Social Security and dump the Departments of Energy and Education' repeal the 16th Amendment which enslaved Americans with the federal income tax and maybe, institute a Flat tax. Angle does not plan to leave us taxless. Puhleeeese! All of you constipated idiots out there opining that she would "make it impossible for the government to work," grow up. Both Fair and Flat tax experts show how it be done, and be revenue neutral.

Ms. Angle had the endorsement of many of the Tea Parties, and The Club for Growth.

Believe me, Americans are thirsty for a Sharron Angle. Harry Reid doesn't know what's coming at him, his Democrat money be damned, but HuffPo says Angle is providing a "treasure chest of goodies" for Dirty Harry. The naivete, or maybe fear, is as thick as $100 bills in a Nevada casino.

Friends, we have to send our money to Sharron Angle. She campaigned out of her house. I know she will be respectful of our money, and use it to get the job done. Nevadans will be buried in television spots for Reid. Visit her website here, donate if you can, if you can't talk about her, and we will retire Harry Reid - maybe nudge him out of his Washington, D.C. penthouse.

Sharron Angle and Sean Hannity (video)

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