Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ten Buck Friday Blogs Send Their Bucks to Michele Bachmann Week 1

RightKlik announced at Midnight EDT that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) is the recipient of funds from Ten Buck Friday Blogs with 42% of the vote. While some of us donated last week, this is the first week of promoting the program, so this is Week 1, even though some of us donated to poll winner Sharron Angle last week. Angle is aiming for Senator Harry's Reid's senate seat. After today, there are 18 Fridays ahead before the November election.

Michelle Bachmann R-Minn

Bachmann was my choice this week, and I also nominated her, along with others, I'm sure. Michele has a hard target on her back in Minnesota, because she is an extremely effective conservative. Her voice is strong and even when the press doesn't want to give her a microphone, she finds one - unlike many Republicans on Capitol Hill.

My blogging friend and war blogger, Holger at Holger Awakens, is a Minnesotan. He says Democrats are sending huge donations into the state. She is their Number 1 pick to destroy, and according to Holger, the race will be a close one.

So this week, Ten Buck Friday bloggers will be sending their donations of $10 each, and maybe more, to Michele Bachmann (Donate @ Michele Bachmann for Congress). At this time, we have 30 blogs participating, equating to $300.00, but I notice we have many more than 30 votes, so from comments I've read, we will have readers donating along with us, even though they do not have blogs. We welcome those readers and anyone else.

If you are donating on this Ten Buck Friday, look for a spot on the donation form to write in: "Donation made with Ten Buck Friday Bloggers," or something similar. On the donation forms I've noticed there is a box for "employer" and a box for "occupation." I used the "occupation" box to write in a message about Ten Buck Fridays. Ten Buck Fridays do not collect money from you. Everyone makes their own donation with with credit card or whatever method they choose. That's why it is important to note on the donation form: "Ten Buck Friday donation."

For information on Ten Buck Fridays, see this post. If you want to get in on next week's poll and donation, contact RightKlik or Polemicon linked in the list below. Just leave a comment on any post and you will be added to the list - or leave a comment here and I'll pass it on.

A new nomination period begins at RightKlik on Sunday, and the poll comes out shortly after.

Ten Buck Friday Week 1 Winner 
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn)

A little history: Conscientiously Conservative began this quest on her blog in May, so she has been donating each Friday to the candidate she chose...then it blossomed into the poll and many others joining in.

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