Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alabama Cop Keeps Videographers Off Public Beach with Ambulance, Paramedic and Fire Trucks

Marguerite Cravatt along with a co-producer and cameraman have traveled the Gulf coast area extensively. On what should have been a busy beach day, the only activity is that of the BP cleanup and "a medical emergency" needing ambulance and a fire truck.

The video below is of an Alabama beach in Gulf Shores. As Cravatt tried to video the action, out of the way of the "emergency," but in camera range and on public property, an Alabama police officer tried to stop her. During that time, more paramedics arrive, and another ambulance arrives and eventually takes someone out on a stretcher.

Marguerite says she is an "independent producer," and with her small crew is traveling the Gulf Coast area and documenting the oil spill:

We collected video footage from the epicenter - Venice, as well as Grand Isle, New Orleans, the French Quarter, and we toured the swamps and the marshes of Louisiana. We drove the coastline of Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, and we saw oil, oil, and more oil. Hundreds of miles of beaches destroyed.
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Marguerite Cravatt Schools Alabama Cop on Rights of an American Citizen (video)

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