Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fight Back Video Ten Buck Fridays a Powerful Way to Fight Back

The video below reminds us of why we must fight back by doing everything we can to, once a week brown bag our lunch, give up a movie or a couple of Java's and donate to a constitutional conservative, even a small amount, in the weeks leading up to the November 2nd election. See a video below.

If the idea of donating to someone outside of your own state seems strange, think of it this way:  Once upon a time, all politics were local, but today, our fate rests with every conservative candidate across the United States. If Renee Ellmers wins the House seat in North Carolina, that win affects me and my family in Oklahoma. If Chip Cravaack wins for Minnesota's 8th District, that win affects me, or Anna Little in New Jersey's 6th District. They all affect my future and yours, and especially the future of our children. Cravaack, Ellmers and Little believe in the same first principles that I believe in. There is no doubt they will vote in my best interest. That's why I have donated to each of them.

If you need another nudge to give up your Starbucks, think about waking up on November 3rd and finding that we didn't take back enough of the House of Representatives and/or the Senate to make a significant difference. Think about two more years with an unrestrained Barack Obama, and ask yourself if we can recover from the catastrophe of his presidency.

As it turns out, The Ten Buck Fridays are about more than money, although, please keep those ten bucks or more going straight to our poll candidates. We are finding that the Ten Buck Friday bloggers are offering a way for the public to get to know candidates with a lower profile, all of whom are running against some of the most egregious Liberals on Capitol Hill.

We learned today that two of this week's poll leaders have made a wager, and are having fun with Ten Buck Fridays. Patricia Sullivan, running for Florida's 8th District House Seat, and John Faulk running for the U.S. House for Texas' 18 District have decided whichever of the two loses, will wear the other's campaign teeshirt, and put a photo up on the web. The last few hours, Patricia and John have each led the poll. This moment, Sullivan is ahead by about 4 points. The poll ends tonight. Have you voted? Find their websites here.

Each week's poll usually has higher-profile candidates as well, like Marco Rubio running for the Senate in Florida and Allen West running for the House from Florida's 22nd District. Marco Rubio is up against RINO Charlie Crist who changed his party from Repbulican to Independent when he couldn't win against Marco. In the movie below, there is an interesting clip of Crist displaying the sleazeball that he is. Rubio is slightly ahead of Crist among likely voters, but falls behind with unaffiliated voters.

RightKlik, who is the poll minder and much more behind TBF, put together this terrific video - a nostalgic look back on the last year - the lectures, the ridicule, the demagoguery. We've been slapped around, hushed, ignored and lied about. Remember why we must Remember November. Please post the video if you would like to do so. It will be extra nice if you attribute it to RightKlik.

Fight Back!
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