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J Christian Adams Testifies Against DOJ in New Black Panther Voter Intimidation

J. Christian Adams is a former Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney. He resigned in May 2010 due to the DOJ's refusal to follow through with a case of clear voter intimidation in Philadelphia in the November 2008 presidential elections. Attorneys on the case, including J. Christian Adams, were told to dismiss the case, even though a default judgment was handed down. DOJ stated in Adams' presence they would not prosecute Black wrongdoers for any kind of voter fraud or intimidation. There was no plan to not prosecute Whites for doing the same. This was all about race. Now Adams has taken it to the U.S. Human Rights Commission. What can they do against the DOJ, on behalf of the American people?

King Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson - New Black Panther Party

While Adams was still at the DOJ, Congress subpoenaed records, and the attorneys working on the case before it was dropped. DOJ denied every subpoena and refused to let any of the attorneys honor the subpoenaes.

At some point, before Adams resigned, he was told that Motor Voter laws would also not be honored. In other words, DOJ had no interest in requiring the names of dead persons to be removed from voter registrations, or duplicate names, or people who had moved out of the district. According to Adams, there was also conversation stating that Blacks had already suffered too much.

Now resigned, Adams is talking and fearlessly naming names. This week he testified before the U.S. Human Rights Commission. The question is, is the Commission strong enough to stand-up to the Black man's Department of Justice.

Adams' superior at Justice, Chris Coates, was so disgusted with the actions of the Department he voice it loudly (see the last video below). DOJ silenced him by transferring him to South Carolina and relieved him of his title of Chief of the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ.

In the photo above, there is testimony that the tall man, Jerry Jackson, hassled citizens trying to get inside the polling place to vote. Jackson, along with being a New Black Panther member is an elected member of Philadelphia's 14th Ward Democratic Committee. Jackson still hold that privileged position.

The shorter man with the nightstick, King Samir Shabazz, is quoted below - read it as found on the web here - with links to the New Black Panther Party and ACORN. Here's the text for the following graphic:
i has waited all my life for the day that Strong Black men could stand outside a voting poll in a Honk neighborhood and beat republiKKKan voters with a baseball bat to keep the motherfu**ers from voting for they racist candidate and walk away scott free and be a hero in the black community,,,,,,,,,,and that day finally here.
it time we up the ante on these white motherf  u**ers and take it to the next level
Samir Shabazz is the head of the Philly chapter of the New Black Panther Party.
Shabazz brandished a nightstick. He "pointed the weapon at individuals, menacingly tapped it [in] his other hand, or menacingly tapped it elsewhere." Both Shabazz and Jackson leveled "racial threats and racial insults at both black and white individuals," and they "made menacing and intimidating gestures, statements, and movements directed at individuals who were present to aid voters."

King Samir Shabazz Yelling to Kill White Crackers and Cracker Babies (video)

Three NBPP members were indicted and blew off court dates for five months - just simply didn't reply, didn't show up - nothing. You know what would happen if you or I had treated any court in that manner.

We need to be mindful that this session with the U.S. Human Rights Commission is not the first time it has convened about this case. In February 2009, the USHRC held its first meeting. DOJ simply ignored them. USHRC had witnesses. It didn't matter.

This one is one we must watch and must encourage those who have the power to fight this outrage for us, to do it, because every future election can be affected. I don't think it gets any more serious than this. Visit ChicagoRay and watch a video of New Black Panthers "visiting" a neighborhood to intimidate a man who killed two burglars. These Americans did not stand by let the NBPP have their streets.

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