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Jeremiah Wright Praises Socialism, Marxism

Jeremiah Wright is speaking (or reading) to the New York Society for Ethical Culture in 2009 - and is speaking of their publications. He praises them for filling an invaluable purpose, specifically the socialist perspective. He says they fill an incredible void in critical thinking, and loves their idea of "no nonsense marxism." He speaks of Martin Luther King, and recently said King was wrong to advocate for non-violence.  Wright appears to hate everything about this country, and the only thing a White can do to please him, is leave the U.S. So has he called for black on white violence - a battle cry maybe, by invoking MLK? Are we moving into the return of the Black Power era and has Wright embraced it?

Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright

In this video, Wright speaks of Martin Luther King and the victims of King's "famous menage a trois: militarism, capitalism, and racism." Wright is an advocate of Black Liberation Theology, which is a part of Black Power movements, and many believers seem to have embraced Islam, including members of the New Black Panthers. Does Jeremiah Wright and the huge congregation he pastored, stand with the New Black Panthers?

Listen as he says "after all we are a Christian country," and listen to the chatter in the audience. Visit the New York Society for Ethical Culture here. See links to background on Jeremiah Wright below the video.

A reader, Sara, brought up a salient point that I first misunderstood Wright's comments about the "menange a trois." After more research, I accept that. It seems I succumbed to the belief that MLK was really more conservative in his thinking, that he explored what capitalism meant, but did not damn it, and I believed that while he suffered for the treatment of Blacks, he did not hate Whites or the U.S. As I dig deeper, I'm ready to concede that none of that may be true. We can't know whom MLK would have stood with today. Maybe he would have embraced Black Liberation Theology and Jeremiah Wright. I'll note once more though - Wright recently said MLK was wrong to advocate non-violence. 

Jeremiah Wright Praises Socialism, Marxism and Zings MLK (video)

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