Thursday, August 5, 2010

Harry Reid Missouri Voters Lack Healthcare Understanding

Missouri's Prop C measure to block the government mandate to purchase health care passed by a 71-29 margin. Missouri refuses to be told what to buy and what they cannot buy. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) believes Missourians only need to know more about the health care legislation to "like" it.

“It’s very obvious that people have a lack of understanding of our health care reform bill,” Reid said. “The more people learn about this bill, the more they like it.” He noted that the health insurance “exchanges,” or marketplaces, will take three years to kick in...
 "The trend is turning all over america today," Reid said. "Once you explain what's in the bill, the American people of course like it."
Note to Democrats: Remember November? Just keep calling us ignorant. We're going to slap the shizey out of you in November.

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