Friday, August 13, 2010

Obama Sanctions Ground Zero Mosque - Agrees it is Hallowed Ground

Barack Obama hosted the iftar Ramadan dinner tonight at the White House and said Muslims have every right to build a mosque at Ground Zero, which he agreed is "hallowed ground."

Muslims Praying on Madison Avenue in New York City

He cited the right of all Americans to practice their religion, but did not mention that an Islamic mosque is a place to worship a god that demands that you and I be subject to Koranic fundamentals. How convenient to forget that Islam is far more than a so-called religion - it is a tyrannical and murderous way of ordering life.

Islam shares nothing with America. Muslims who come to this country are not free to worship as they please. The Koran dictates who and when a Muslim worships. How ridiculous and sad is it to pretend otherwise? Thanks to Larwyn.

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