Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mark Turner Index

If you are following the case of Mark Turner in Gulf Breeze and Pensacola, Florida, the following is an index to articles about Mark on Maggie's Notebook.

Mark Turner

Please note there are two current videos in my left sidebar and the following two links will take you to Turner's website:

Read every court document here.

Read Mark Turner's blog here.

Mark Turner the Sad and Important Story

Mark Turner Update August 2010 - Suicide Attempt

Mark Turner's Appeal Court Rebuttal - Appeal Denied

Mark Turner and Rick Hamilton: Tipping the Scales of Justice in Pensacola

Mark Turner's Bar Complaint Response Back to Prosecutor Edgars Comments

Mark Turner's Bar Complaint Against Prosecutor Russ Edgar

Mark Turner Leonard Patrick Gonzalez: Mark Turner New Gonzalez Charges

Mark Turner Pensacola Injustice: Mark Turner Patrick Gonzalez?

Mark Turner Framed? Pensacolan Russ Edgar, Pete Moore Motive for Framing Mark Turner?

Mark Turner, Pete Moore, Russ Edgar: Framing Mark Turner in Pensacola? Update

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