Thursday, October 28, 2010

Joe Sestak Ad Smears Pat Toomey with Dog Poop Video

Joe Sestak, Democrat incumbent for Pennsylvania's 7th District House seat, has a new ad out smearing Republican challenger Pat Toomey with poop from his the Sestak family dog. See the video below.

From Townhall:

Joe Sestak features a bag of feces collected from his family dog. Sestak swings the bag into the trash can, and equates it with the policies of his opponent.
Sestak defends his vote to bail out the banks. Toomey, keeping to the issues, does note the enormous funding in Pennsylvania by the DCC to defeat him but gets to the real issues:
“Serial bailouts of failed companies. Government nationalizing whole industries. Spending money on a scale that I never thought was possible. Corresponding debts and deficits that are completely unsustainable,” said Toomey. “You add in cap-and-trade, government run health care... is it any wonder we don’t have a recovery going on?”

Joe Sestak and his dog poop

Thanks to Gateway Pundit

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