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Open Trackback and Linkfest Wednesday

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PBS Cuts Documentary on Radical Islam from The Amboy Times. Excerpt: The Executive Producer for WETA said the film , Islam vs. Islamists, was irresponsible because the writing was alarmist, and it wasn't fair. It notifies Americans that Muslim radicals are pushing to establish parallel societies in America and Europe g...

Midweek OTB For April 11-12, 2007 from Stuck On Stupid. Excerpt: This is a midweek OTB & Linkfest for Arpil 11-12, 2007. If you have something that you would like to share please leave a trackback to your post and link to our post. Trackback URL: Permalink: &...

The Knucklehead of the Day award from The Florida Masochist Excerpt: Today's winner is U.S. District Judge Ivan Lemelle.

a new plan from nonauthoritarian eh? Excerpt: Now if they can only find someone who wants to take the fall for their stupidity.

Duke Lacrosse Players: North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper Proclaims Them Innocent And Drops from The World According To Carl Excerpt: It's finally over. The North Carolina Attorney General has declared Collin Finnerty, Reade Seligmann and David Evans innocent and has dropped all charges against them. These were charges that never should have been leveled against them in the first...

Calling All Bloggers! from Freedom Folks Excerpt: ALIPAC and FAIR need you to join us in DC and help blog this current amnesty out of existence!

al Qaeda Bombs Algeria from The Amboy Times. Excerpt: The targets were the Prime Minister's office and a police station. It is believed AQ attacked Algeria because of it's recent agreement with Spain to combat terrorism. There were 120 terror suspects arrested in Algeria last week, most of whom

Ten months from The Florida Masochist Excerpt: So far as pedestaians go, they are open season so far as Fort Lauderdale police go. Here is another recent accident. Griss deserves to be in jail for the life he took through his speeding. This investigation has dragged on too long, and in Broward yo...

Propagation from 123beta. Excerpt: Are islamists opening another front against the free?

Pelosi: from The Pigeon's Response from Diary of the Mad Pigeon. Excerpt: The people have spoken!Perri Nelson writes: Speaker Pelosi should be arrested upon her return to the United States and charged with violations of the Logan Act. MOGS writes: ...I am the shadow president/George Bush will soon go 'way/Jimmy Carter said

Don Imus. “Imus” Change The Station. from Hollywood Gossip - Life Altering Knowledge - and M

On line AgaiN? from Woman Honor Thyself. Excerpt: What do users do on the inter? Ok…We all know what you do: READ MY BLOG. Right? Heh.

Russians ignore UN Iran sanctions from Conservative Thoughts. Excerpt: The sanctions that were agreed to by the UN Security council were extremely watered down due in part to the efforts of China and Russia. ...

Thwwaaaap! from Mark My Words. Excerpt: A woman should sit and be quite dork, gets a verbal slap down from a Muslim woman.

Professional revertard Yvonne Ridley misquotes, misrepresents self from Tao Of Defiance. Excerpt: Yvonne Ridley ducks, weaves, splutters, lies, goes bezerk on the ABC’s AM radio program last Saturday: JANE COWAN: Can you categorically condemn suicide bombing? YVONNE RIDLEY: You know, the greatest purveyors of suicide bombing are the Tamil..

How to rush to failure from Mark My Words Excerpt: Sometimes we can be in such a hurry to respond in debate that we trip over ourselves in doing so.

Three SoldierS from Woman Honor Thyself. Excerpt: Now, HERE’S a reason for a politician to go to the Middle East…Ms. Traitor Peloopsi! Congressman meets with families of abducted Israeli soldiers

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