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Remembering Agents Ramos and Compean: Kill the Bill

Please scroll down for current posts. This post will stay "on top" awhile, as we fight Senate Bill 1639, which if passed, will allow 12-20 million illegal aliens into this country legally.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT UPDATE: The new Senate Immigration Bill s.1369 appears to include paying World War II reparations to “Certain Persons.” The text, hidden in the middle of the massive tome, can be read here: Immigration Bill Will Pay WWII Reparations to Alien Residents. I suggest you read John Fonte’s piece in National Review Online for details before going to the long, long text of the Bill. The question: what else is lurking in the Bill that our Senate is not talking about?

Remembering Border Agents Ramos and Compean
Photos: Agent Ramos and Mrs. Ramos, left. Agent Compean and Mrs. Compean in wheelchair

America's Most Wanted, John Walsh, puts the details of this case in a video. After the video, you'll find links to the complete history of the case, including trial transcripts.

Senate Bill 1639, with its promise of $4.4 billion to hire and train border guards, along with other unknown measures, is an empty promise. Agents Ramos and Compean had the training, did the job and ended up in prison.

What can we "expect" from our border guards, and the millions to be "surged" toward new hires? Can we expect them to stop drug smugglers? Can we expect them to protect themselves against criminal aliens? Can we expect this country to protect them from the absurb charges of an illegal against our own?

Do not be distracted by the prosecutors claims that these two men covered-up a crime. If you are not certain about this case, follow the links below and make your own determination. I'll be adding new links as they become available.

Watch John Walsh from America's Most Wanted put this case into perspective:

Video courtesy of: Mediaman1947

In February, hearings by the House of Representatives were announced. These hearing are on the back burner while Ramos and Compean sit in jail - denied bail while awaiting appeal.

February 2007: Agent who testified against Ramos and Compean to be fired for lying.

48 lawmakers ask for pardon

Links to in-depth reporting.

Trial Transcripts in pdf format. Pdf format is all that I can locate at this time.

This excellent summary.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards,
email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

To contact your Senator, go to my sidebar at the right of this post. You'll see a box that says "Write to Congress." Input your zip code and it will take you to both your Representative's and Senator's phone, fax, street address and email.

For everything you ever wanted to know about illegal immigration, go the homepage for NumbersUSA.

You can send a free fax, without a fax machine at NumbersUSA. They will give you text for the fax, you can change it where you want to change it, or create entirely your own message.

Follow the links below to other Coalition members' commentary and research. Read it, get mad and call your Senators tomorrow.

Congress Leads Bush in Race for Illegal Immigration from The Patriot. Excerpt: A UPI/Zogby poll conducted June 20th, among 8,300 adults nationwide, reveals that only 3% have a favorable view of how Congress is handling illegal immigration. Naturally this has Bush furious as his favorable rating, in the context of illegal immigration, is at 9%.

Only doing the jobs Americans won't do, heh? from Freedom of Philadelphia. Excerpt: For more information on how lawyers like this are helping American companies find ways to not hire American workers check out the Programmers Guild.org for more info. Here's an interesting bit of info from the Programmers Guild. While the U.S. lost about 500,000 tech jobs between 2000 and 2003, Congress admitted about 500,000 foreign tech workers on nonimmigrant visas: L-1 and H-1B - resulting in the displacement of over one million American workers.

Is This Another Loophole in Senate Bill 1348? "Other than a native of Mexico" from the Virtuous Republic. Excerpt: President Bush on Friday, in an effort to gain support for his amnesty bill, promised to "bar future" illegal immigrants from the United States. He is quoted as saying, "Under this bill, those caught crossing illegally will be permanently barred from returning to the United States on a work or tourist visa."

President Bush recommends fighting forest fires with 4.4 billion slips of paper from Conservative Comman Man. Excerpt: Does El-Presidente Bush believe that if he orchestrates our loss of sovereignty and facilitates the formation of one North American Union he will be selected to be the emperor? If this is not the case, I cannot imagine his seeming desire to accommodate Mexican citizens at the expense of his own countrymen.

Miss Beth's Victory Dance provides other links to great information

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The video shows ...

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