Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quote of the Day Scott Brown: Massachusetts Brown Its Not the Kennedy Seat, Its the Peoples Seat

Scott Brown (R-Mass), running for the U.S. Senate, takes an opportunity that must come up hundreds of times a day in the state> (see a video below)

"with all due respect, it is not the Kennedy seat and it is not the Democrat seat, it is the people's seat."
I haven't written about Brown thus far, but I have read a lot, and contributed to his campaign - even though I'm out here in the mid-south heartland. The election is just days away, so below the video you'll find links to some good information on the man - including the fact that Brown drives a truck with 200,000 miles on it.

Scott Brown (D-Mass) "It's the people's seat" (video)

The video above is courtesy of Vanderleun at The American Digest, who said of the comment "with all due respect, it is not the Kenney seat and it is not the Democrat seat, it is the people's seat:"

How golden is this phrase? Let's just say it's the equivalent of finding a nugget the size of a donkey's scrotum on your first day in the gold fields...and...let a thousand billboards bloom!

A snippet from Mass Resistance:
On the Tom and Todd show this morning (WRKO AM680), Bill Hudak (Republican candidate for Mass. Sixth Congressional Dist., North Shore) called in with a great anecdote on the Brown-Coakley debate last night.
Maine Police have endorsed Scott Brown, but Democrats will delay election certification to keep the critical vote against health care from bringing down Obama's house. Read the details at Frugal Cafe Blog Zone.

This from Opus 6 at MAINFO via geeeeeZ. Donation information here and this plea:
Fight the SEIU and Demcare corruption. Help do the job the national GOP fund-raising organizations won’t do. Support Scott Brown for Senate, Even if you don't Live in Massachusetts.

Sistertoldjah talks about why Sarah Palin would support Scott Brown, a Massachusetts centrist . A commenter there says "we want to change it from a THRONE to a seat!

Solomonia has Scott Brown's position on Israel and believes "supports of Israel will love it."

Nice Deb has more details on the debate last night - the one where Brown makes it clear the Senate seat is not "the Kennedy seat," and when he responded to Martha Coakley:
Coakley criticized Brown for supporting Bush-era tax cuts for higher-income people, saying, “He wants to go back to those Bush-Cheney policies that provide for the very wealthiest.”
Brown retorted, “You can run against Bush-Cheney, but I’m Scott Brown. I live in Wrentham. I drive a truck. And, yes, it’s 200,000 miles on it now. You’re not running against them. You’re running against me.”
 No Quarter points out that the Boston Herald has endorsed Brown, and made this comment intheir endorsement:
Are they content with a sweeping health care bill, now being negotiated behind closed doors by principals from only one political party? (So much for a new era of bipartisanship promised by our president.)

And are they prepared for the impact that bill will have on the health care industry in our own state, where we already insure 97 percent of our population.
MAF Freedom PAC endorses Brown:
"Scott Brown has been committed to our troops and demonstrated that he understands the importance of our missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a veteran of the U.S Army National Guard where he holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel."
“Martha Coakley doesn’t understand our troops; she doesn’t understand our mission; and like Obama seems to value the terrorist’s rights even more than our own national security. She believes they should be given the constitutional rights that only a U.S citizen deserves!”
TeresaAmerica takes the Brown-Coakley debate about national security a step further and notes Coakley's frequent discomfort when up against a tough issue:
I hope that her displaying emotions of being irritated when forced to answer tough questions from her opposition negatively impacts her campaign. If her feathers get ruffled whenever she is challenged by her opposition maybe she shouldn't be in the political arena.
And Flopping Aces says "Holy Crap! Scott Brown is Soaring. Take a look at the the $1 million dollars raised in ONE DAY.

Take heart conservatives, people just like you and I are supporting conservatism around the country, and that support is making a difference.

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