Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Czar Alert: Desperate Obama Appoints Oil Recovery Czar

I understand Obama's affection for Czars now. What better way to place the blame than to turn a gunky mess over to someone else. Still looking for his bullhorn moment, which up to today has been only moments of bull crap, he will appoint an Oil Recovery Czar from the Oval Office - his first speech given from that vaunted and historic room.

The Bush playbook is still present in this administration. Bush gave the 9/11 speech to the nation from the Oval Office on the night of the terror attacks. Now Obama says he has his own 9/11 with the Oil Spill, but he missed the moment and forgot the bullhorn. And so the Oval Office image tonight should bring us all together, as we were when our nation was attacked almost nine years ago.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who was a former staffer for Bob Etheridge, the South Carolina Congressman who punched a student in the face two days ago, says Obama will "seek" to reassure anxious Americans over the Gulf catastrophe. An apology, like Etheridge's would be the Democrat way, and a czar should do it.

Apparently BP has announced they will be able to siphon 90% of the oil flowing from the wellhead by the end of June. Now we get an Oily Oil Czar. I have found this site the best place to stay current with the oil spill. Obama should have been checking in.

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