Monday, June 14, 2010

Bob Ethridge Assaults Student: Renee Ellmers' Republican Challenger Speaks Out

Democrat Congressman Bob Etheridge, embarrassingly representing North Carolina's 2nd District, struck a student on camera who asked the congressman if he "fully" supports the Obama agenda. Hi Congressman, the young man says, asks his question and gets punched in the face by the servant of the people. His Republican challenger, Renee Ellmers is speaking out. See the video below.

Congressman Bob Etheridge Assaults and Man-handles Student

A quick look at the video and you see the amazing arrogance of Etheridge. He not only hits the student, he man-handles him. Can someone explain why this Congressman says he has the "right to know" his victim's name and school?

John Hawkins at RightWingNews has the first statement from Etheridge's Republican Opponent, Renee Ellmers:

Renee Ellmers
If a teacher or principal treated a student this way – it would raise serious questions and he would be suspended. This kind of behavior is equally unacceptable in a Congressman. Bob Etheridge needs to make a full, complete and candid public explanation for this behavior. His describing his behavior as “a poor response” is not adequate. Most important of all, Congressman Etheridge should apologize – in person – to the two students.
Visit Renee Ellmers for Congress here.

Etheridge has apologized. Don't they always? I noted though, that from the question the young man asked, Etheridge pegged him as "intrusive and partisan" in the LA Times article linked in this sentence.

That explains the sorry excuse for a press secretary, Robert Gibbs, who was a staffer for Bob Etheridge.

As Karen at The Lonely Conservative says, "you probably won't see this on CNN." I looked around online for CNN coverage, and I see CNN reporting the apology and the pic above, but I don't see them showing the video. Karen also has information on Etheridge's position on bailouts. Don't miss it. It explains how progressives are trying to bring this country to our knees.

Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-NC) Strikes Student (video)

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