Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lisa Murkowski Joe Miller: Palin Endorsed Joe Miller Wins Seat for Senate from Alaska

Unless votes appear from an unknown source, Joe Miller, a Sarah Palin-endorsed Republican for Lisa Murkowski's seat in the U.S. Senate has won the Republican primary. Listening to Larry Sabato right now on Fox saying all the uncounted votes are not enough to send Murkowski back to Washington, D.C. Ninety-eight percent of the votes have been counted, according to Sabato. A win for Miller has not been officially announced, so my disclaimer is this: if Miller does not win, he came perilously close for Murkowski.

Joe Miller

Here is a classic Palin tweet [current time 11:10 a.m. CDT]:
 9 hours ago: Keeping fingers crossed, powder dry, prayers upward...
Press and pundits have gleefully said Sarah is losing her clout, even in her own State. Murkowski was expected to win the Primary with a double-digit win.

Doing a search engine search for "Joe Miller wins Alaska Senate Primary," I see no msm media reporting the story, other than the Washington Post hedging their bets. Today the MSM is in mourning, learning the hard lesson that Sarah Palin supports the sames values and principles that freedom-loving Americans support.

Read about and Lisa Murkowski and Joe Miller, who is an attorney and a decorated Gulf War veteran, at Cassy Fiano's.

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