Thursday, January 1, 2009

Maggie's Notebook in Chicago Sun Times, Reuters and other Media

Maggie's Notebook in Chicago Sun-Times, Reuters and other media:

The following are chosen for their continued relevance today:

Doug Hoffman - Sarah Palin: Palin's Hoffman Endorsement

David Mamet Conservative Thought

Gamaliel Foundation Prayer to Obama: Hear our Prayer Obama 

Michelle Obama Disciplined - or Not?

Michelle Obama Disbarment or Disciplined?

Bill Clinton's Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Detroit $15M Stimulus Money to Pay Rent, House the Homeless

Media Malpractice: Silence Deafening on Ayers' Authorship

Jim DeMint Honduras Trip: Zelaya and The Supreme Court

Oil for Basket of Currency: Falling Dollar Road to One World Currency

Audra Mae and Bob Dylan's Forever Young: Audra's New CD

No Health Care Bill : Memorial Hermann Hospital The Woodland

Roger Ebert on Derrion Albert: Use Olympic Funds to Make the City Safe 

Derrion Albert is Chicago Honor Student Murdered

Mark Turner and Russell Edgar: Turner's Bar Complaint Response

Mark Turner and Leonard Patrick Gonzalez - New Charges

Mark Turner - Pensacola Injustice and Patrick Gonzalez?

Mark Turner Needs Your Help: New Trial for Mark Turner? 

Patrick Poff Gonzales Approached to "Whack" Bud Billings?

Sheriff Morgan: Patrick Gonzalez Contract Murders?

Leona Beldini is Arrested Deputy Mayor of Jersey City

Obama Bypasses School Superintendents

Fox Chicago 2016 Olympic: Take it to Rio: Michelle and Oprah to Copenhagen?

Bernake and Paulson Lies: Barofsky Exposes Bernake and Paulson

Bill Sparkman, Census Worker Murdered: Beck Blamed?

Billings Daughter: Ashley Markham and Sheriff Dave Morgan on Oprah

Sizing Up Barack Obama: Who is He, What is He Up To? 

Crime Writer Dominick Dunne Dies

Susan Denice Atkins, Scariest Manson Girl Dies: Sharon Tate Killer Dies 

Shane Bauer: American Held in Iran

 American Police Force Armed in Montana?

Darlene Haynes Baby Found: Julie Corey is Darlene Haynes' Murderer?

Monica Conyers is John Conyers Wife

Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad is American-turned Muslim Soldier's Killer, Carlos Bledsoe

George Obama is Barack Obama's Brother National Council of Churches: Far Left and Dangerous

Sarah Palin Ethics Charges: Palin Cleared of Every Charge Terry Barnich is Contractor Killed in Iraq

Geithner's Enablers in the U.S. Senate

Tracking the Mess of Fannie and Freddie

Political Funding and Manuevering in The Time of Obama: Exposed

Daniel Hannan: Do We Have a Daniel Hannan in our Congress?

Obama Promised Americans the Same Health Care as Congress

Obama and Abortion: FOCA Looms Islam Hi-Jacks American Labor Day

Palin is Powerful on Obama-Ayers Colin Powell's Intellectual Dishonesty

Obama's Mother's Divorce from Obama Sr. - Papers Available, kinda sorta

Jackson Nanny Grace Rwaramba 

Dropping Christmas but Keeping the Manger

Conspiracy of the Lemmings: Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis; Part II
 Cigarette Tax Hike Huge

Roxana Saberi American Journalist: Saberi Convicted, Sentenced in Iran Chicagoans Vandalize Parking Meters

A Chicagoan's Perspective on Obama, Rezko and Corruption

Why the Obama-Ayers Connection Matters

Our Northern Neighbors: Touch Times with Islam

Barack Obama's Socialist and Communist Connection In Kenya Obama-Ayers Funnel Funds to Jeremiah Wright and The Arab American Network?

Barack Obama's Chicago African Village

Member of the Chicago SunTimes News Group

A Mother of a Fallen American Soldier Welcomes Home Her Son's Company Liberty Sun U.S. Flagged Ship: Pirates Attacked Liberty Sun Off Somalia

Member of the Chicago SunTimes News Group

Colin Powell's Intellectual Dishonesty

Member of Sun-Times Media

Obama and Abortion: FOCA Looms

Reuters no longer links to these articles but you can read them here:

Fairness Doctrine: Not Your Daddy's Doctrine

UAW Jobs Bank Breaks the Bank: Organized Slackers

Newt Gingrich on Paulson and Mark to Market

The Somali's Only Documented Act of Assimiliaton

Tracking the Mess of Fannie and Freddie

Islam Hi-Jacks American Labor Day

Barack Obama's Socialist and Communist Connection

Palestinians All Excited About Israel's Interest in Saudi Peace Plan

Rice in Baghdad: Security Agreement Drafted

Boehner Promises to Stand Strong on These Issues

Conspiracy of the Lemmings: Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis; Part II

Joe the Plumber and Neil Cavuto - Both are Heros Obama Wants Joe the Plumber's Wealth!
Palin is Powerful on Obama-Ayers

My Christmas Tree and Other Famous Trees

Oklahoma "Ethics" Bend to Pay Raises

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