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George Obama is Barack Obama's Brother: George Obama - All the Details

George Obama is President Barack Obama's brother...half-brother to be exact and he is writing a book.

George Obama
One of Barack Obama's brothers, George Hussein Onyango Obama, 27, has signed with Simon-Schuster to write a book. George doesn't really know his big brother, the famous U.S. president, but the two brothers share a couple of things: One is their father, Barak Obama, Sr. who died six months after George was born, and the second, George, the little brother, has embraced community organizing, just like his big brother. Who knew it could be genetic, but Barak Obama Sr. was also a community organizer, organizing for the communal ownership and forced confiscation of privately owned lands, the nationalization of European and Asian owned holdings, such as hotels - to be handed over to the "indigenous" black population (taken from Barack Obama, Sr.'s paper titled "Problems Facing our Socialism - 1965 under the name Barak H. Obama). George's mother is "Jael," who now is believed to be living in Atlanta, Georgia. George "advocates" for the "poor," and in fact, he lives among them in his home, a hut said to be in a Kenyan slum in Nairobi. Other reports say the hut was given to him by an unnamed Aunt. While we heard a few months back that George did indeed live in a slum, and with an income of less than $1 per day, it's now a bit confusing. If he "advocates" for the poor, is his lifestyle a choice or a necessity? George has met Barack, but that's about it, so most of what he has to say must be from family stories - well, maybe not. Simon & Schuster is rumored to be paying George something in the "six figures" for his work which will be helped along by author-journalist, Damien Lewis. A Simon & Schuster executive vice president said that "George's story is moving and inspirational and will tell about his "fall into crime and poverty as a teenager." "It is an object lesson in survival, selflessness and courage." Right! "Even had George Obama not been our President's half brother, his story is moving and inspirational," is the exact quote. Don't we know, without the connection to the President, publishers would have been knocking on the hut door, looking for an inspirational story. We have to assume that George has little of a personal nature to divulge about his big brother, and he has been almost estranged from his family, so maybe there will be stories about the Prez or maybe it will all be about George's volatile teenage years - sure to be a best seller, though. The publishing world is a-dither because between the Obama and Robinson (Michelle's family) families, a bounty of literary works are signed and forthcoming. President Obama's half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng is publishing, as is Michelle's brother, Craig Robinson, and stunning news for all of us, Duke University Press is releasing the doctoral dissertation of Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack's mother and Barak's ex-wife. An "ex," Ian Manners, once married to half-sister Auma (the daughter of Grace Kezia) is writing a book about his "in laws." Manners said Barack attended his marriage to Auma, and the two played golf together a few times. Not yet signed, but surely soon to fill bookshelves everywhere, are these Obama connections: 1) Mark Ndesandjo, another brother by another mother, Ruth Ndesandjo, was born Mark Obama, but he took his American mother's surname. He grew up in the U.S. but has lived in Shenzhen, China for 8 years. He is American educated with a degree from Brown University, a master in physics from Stanford and an MBA from Emory. He teaches piano at an orphanage and has a Chinese girlfriend, or a Chinese wife, depending on who you believe. He rarely speaks about the President but did attend the inaugural festivities. See a a video of Mark here. 2) Then there's Malik Obama (51) (Malik Abongo "Roy" Obama) another brother by another mother (Grace Kezia) who was best man at Barack and Michelle Obama's wedding in 1992.. He holds an accounting degree from the University of Nairobi. He met Barack, Jr. in 1985. He is a practicing Muslim, some say he's activist in his community. No word of a book from Malik yet, but if you were best man at the President's wedding, I would think a book is eminent. 3) Bernard Obama 37, runs a car parts firm in Nairobi, Kenya - or maybe not. He is also reported to live in Bracknell, England. He is Barack's brother by another mother (Grace Kezia). He first met Barack when he was about 17 years old. Barack was visiting Kenya at the time. Bernard converted to Islam as an adult. 4) Rita Auma Obama (41) a sister by another mother (Grace Keiza), studied German at University of Heidelberg and received a PhD from the University of Bayreuth. Her ex-husband, Ian Manners already has a book in the works. Auma and Barack met when they were both in their twenties. Auma says when they met, "we just didn't stop talking...is was absolutely as if we'd lived together all our lives." 5) Sarah Onyango Obama - "Granny" Sarah, 87, told the world that she was present at "Barry" Obama's birth in Kenya. Granny Sarah is the President's step-grandmother, and was the third wife of his grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, said to be the first Obama to convert to Islam. Granny Sarah raised the Senior Barack. Rumors are that after Granny Sarah revealed (or misspoke, some say) that Barack, Jr. was born in Kenya, she was held hostage in her two-room, tin-roofed home until after the elections (maybe not "hostage," maybe "captive," or, well, she couldn't leave her house for awhile, anyway).
Mr Onyango [Obama], who died in 1975 at the age of 105, toyed with Christianity, and briefly changed his name to Johnson – would Barack Hussein Obama be more, or less electable as “Barry Johnson”? He rejected Christianity later as “foolish sentiment” and converted to Islam. Although the family still takes Arabic names (Barack means blessed), their faith is so lightly worn as to be invisible.
6) Maybe the best of all will be a book from Obama Sr.'s first wife, Grace Kezia, if she writes one. Kezia met her husband when she was 16 and married him three days later.
He paid 14 cows as dowry which were delivered in two batches. This was because he loved me greatly, she says.
When he left Kezia to go to the U.S., Barack, Sr. ask Kezia's consent to marry Barack, Jr.'s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. She granted that consent. When Dunham and Obama divorced and he returned to Kenya, he went home to Kezia. Kezia says that the President reminds her of his father - saying the two share many characteristics. She lives in Great Britain. There should be some good stories from Kezia. 7) Then there is Barack's Aunt Zeituni who is still living illegally in the U.S. (Boston), awaiting her fate. Will she be sent back to Kenya, or not? Did Barack Obama know his Aunt was living here illegally? The Massachusettes Governor, Deval Patrick knew that Aunt Zeituni was residing here unlawfully, and David Axelrod knew it, and he and the President are joined at the hip. Assuming she stays in the U.S., although Kenyan relatives (Granny Sarah) say she is coming home, because she must, Aunt Zeituni should have some great stories to tell. As late as June 3, 2009, Aunt Zeituni was still fighting deportation (in fact, "the fight" has been going on since 2002 - I wonder who is paying the legal bills?). I think we know what we'll be seeing displayed as we walk in the door of a Barnes and Nobel.
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