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Monica Conyers is John Conyers Wife: Two Extraordinary Videos

Monica Conyers is John Conyers Wife. John Conyers (D-MI) is a Democrat U.S. Representative. See two extraordinary videos below. See updates below. Update 3-11-10 below.

Monica Conyers
Mrs. Conyers is a Detroit City Council member and she is in the news, again, because she is embroiled in a bribery scandal, alleging she took $6,000.00 illegally, involving the Synagro sludge hauling contract. The guilty plea of Rayford Jackson is believed to have put Monica Conyers in a very difficult place:
Rayford Jackson, 44, a flashy wheeler-dealer who frequented the city's political and social circles -- often with a stylish anchorwoman on his arm -- pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery. He worked to win the council's 2007 approval of a $1.2-billion solid-waste disposal contract for Houston-based Synagro Technologies.
His plea brings prosecutors a step closer to the officials who allegedly accepted bribes. Jackson's former boss, Synagro Vice President James Rosendall Jr., pleaded guilty to bribery charges earlier this year.
Jackson's plea agreement Monday said the courier who passed the bribes will cooperate with the investigation.
Sources confirmed for the Free Press that the courier is Jackson's brother, Lennie. Based on court documents and Free Press sources, prosecutors contend the money trail went from Rosendall to Rayford Jackson to Lennie Jackson to Conyers.
Here's some background on Monica and John Conyers, but if you want to skip to the videos, go right ahead because both are extraordinary, especially the second one. Monica Conyers is reported to be 44 years old. John Conyers is 80 years old. They've been married about 17 years. The Conyers have two sons, John III who is now a student at Geeorgia University and Carl who still lives at home in Detroit. Rep. Conyers campaigned for his wife's position on the Detroit City Council, asking the people of Detroit to "join the Conyers family as we fight to take back Detroit from those that put self interest above your interests." Monica received her law degree from the University of district of Columbia School of Law, a Masters in Public Administration from Central Michigan University and a B.A. in Secondary Education and Political Science. Mrs. Conyers is a member of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist church, Alpha kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.; and the Order of Eastern Star. Thank you to Wonkette for some "real" insight into Monica Conyer's "unique" style:
Conyers is famous for threatening people with guns, getting into a shouting match with the Council president — while in session — during which she called him “Shrek,” getting into another shouting match with another Council member during which she “made fun of his hearing, his lack of college degree and started rumors that he has cancer,”
In the first video below, Monica Conyers looks into the camera and says, "if you are not praying for me then you just adding to the problem" and then she admonishes anyone who speaks about her, her husband or her family with the sage advice to "speak the truth" if you are going to speak at all [paraphrased]. Don't miss the second video. As astonishing as the first video may be, watch the second little girl, an 8th grader, question Conyers about her behavior when she called the bald president of the Detroit City Council, "Shrek." I have a feeling we will be hearing from this young women some time in the future. Update 6-28-09: Monica Conyers plead guilty in a Detroit court on June 26th to "accepting cash bribes in exchange for supporting a sludge contract with a Houston company." No date for sentencing has been set.
Conyers, 44, was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit bribery in connection with accepting two payments from a Synagro Technologies official in late 2007, including one in a McDonald's parking lot. Conyers is facing three to five years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines. She will be sentenced in 90 days.
Read more from clickondetroit.

Update 3-11-10:
Monica Conyers was sentenced to 37 months in jail yesterday. Now she wants to withdraw her guilty plea.
"What have my kids done to deserve this? My husband is an older man," she said
More about her sentencing here.
Before the hearing, Conyers moved around the courtroom like a playful host, blowing kisses to supporters while wearing dark sunglasses. Her husband, who has an office in the courthouse, was not in the courtroom.

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Monica Conyers is John Conyers' Wife

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