Thursday, April 1, 2010

November 2010 US House and Senate Republican Candidate Info

I hope to add to this database of the key U.S. House and Senate Races around the country. Click the link for a candidate you are interested in.

Listed in alphabetical order by state.

Delaware Senate Christine O'Donnell - Incumbent Mike Castle

Florida 8th District House Race: Daniel Webster won the Republican primary and faces Democrat Incumbent Alan Grayson.

Florida 8th District House Race - Patricia Sullivan - - Primary August 24th - Sullivan lost the primary
(Sullivan wins Ten Buck Fridays Poll Week 6)

Rooney is uncontested on the Republican ticket

Florida 20th District House Race - Brian Reilly - Incumbent Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
(Reilly lost in the primary and is endorsing Karen Harrington)

Florida 22nd District House Race - Allen B. West - Primary August 24th
Another article on Allen West

Florida Senate Race - Anointing Charlie Crist, Dismissing Marco Rubio 

Florida Senate Race - Marco Rubio Challenges Charlie Crist

Florida Senate Race - Marco Rubio CPAC Speech 2010 Transcript

Nevada Senate - Sharron Angle - Incumbent Democrat Harry Reid

Hawai'i 1st District House Race - Charles Djou - September 18 Primary
Dem Opponent likely to be Colleen Hanabusa

Maryland U.S. Senate Race - Eric Wargotz - September Primary - Dem Opponent Barbara Mikulski

Massachusetts 3rd District - Mike Stopa - September 14 Primary
Democrat Incumbent James McGovern

Michigan 13th District House Race - John Hauler - Democrat Hansen Clarke

Minnesota 5th District House Race - Barb Davis White - LOST IN PRIMARY

Minnesota 5th District House Race - Joel Demos - Democrat Incumbent Keith Ellison

Minnesota 6th District House Race - Michele Bachmann - Democrat Tarryl Clark

New Jersey 6th District House Race - Anna Little - Democrat Incumbent Frank Pallone, Jr.
Anna won the primary on June 8th to face Pallone, Jr.

New York 13th District House Race - Mike Grimm - September 14th Primary
The Democrat incumbent is Michael McMahon

North Carolina 2nd District House Race - Renee Ellmers - Democrat Incumbent Bob Etheridge

Oregon 3rd District House Race - Delia Lopez - Democrat Incumbent Earl Blumenauer

Pennsylvania 12th District House Race - Tim Burns - Democrat Opponent Mark Critz

Chuck Fleischmann won the Republican primary and will face Democrat John Wolfe, Jr.
Tennessee 3rd District House Race - Van Irion  - Primary August 5th
TBF winner Van Irion lost in the primary to Republican Chuck Fleischmann

Texas 18th District House Race - John Faulk - Democrat Incumbent Sheila Jackson Lee

Texas 25th District House Race - Donna Campbell - Democrat Incumbent Lloyd Doggett
(Donna Campbell Wins Ten Buck Fridays)

Wisconsin 7th District House Race - Sean Duffy - September 14th Primary
Dem Opponent Incumbent Dave Obey

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