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Brian Reilly is Florida Republican US House Candidate: Brian Reilly FL 20th District Candidate

Brian Reilly is running for the U.S. House seat serving Florida's 20th district. His Democrat opponent is Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz D-FL. The following is Reilly's biography. See a video below.

Brian Reilly

Professional Life: According to Mr. Reilly's website he has a rich background in business. He is currently the CEO and President of Buffalo Insurance Agency, Miami Insurance Associates, BGR Investment Group, Fidelity Mortgage and Title as well as Leparechaun Real Estate. He has owned a "lucrative residential construction business."
"I have served as an advisor for the American Stock Exchange and Chicago Board of Options. I have reorganized bank investment programs and have received numerous awards for innovation and productivity in banking and finance, including being named the top manager (out of 40,000) at PNC.
I’ve been from Main Street to Wall Street and back again. I understand the issues from the perspective of a business owner, not a career politician. 
I’ve met payrolls, hired and fired, made and corrected mistakes, and implemented programs that were based on “real world” facts rather than untested academic theory or senseless rhetoric. I believe that the policies of the far left are both ill-conceived and dangerous, and before elected officials like Rep. Wasserman do irreparable damage...."
Reilly has the endorsement of The Fraternal Order of Police, the Florida Right to Life organizations and the Broward Christian Coalition.


District Map:

Brian Reilly and Mike Pence       Brian Reilly and J.C. Watts

Brian Reilly has several Republican primary challengers: Robert Lowrydonna milo
 Karen Harrington, Stephen Dworkowitz, Dennis Lamb, and Donna Milo. The Florida primary is August 24, 2010.

On the issues: "The American Dream is quickly becoming a nightmare...."
"A strong USA means a secure Israel. We must support our Allies across the globe, especially in the Middle East.  Israel must be supported and respected by the United States as one of our closest Allies.
Israel stands in a dangerous corridor with terrorist organizations and terrorist nations seeking the annihilation of Israel.  We must stand with them.  We must prevent Iran from achieving nuclear capability and pursuing the agenda of the destruction of Israel."
"Government takeover of Healthcare and a $2.5 trillion dollar bill that is forced on the American people is not an option.  We do need affordable and accessible health care for every American who wants it or needs it but we do not need the mandates that are being forced across the board.
The imperative at this time is to Repeal the healthcare act and Replace lawmakers with those are willing to work towards real solutions that will help the American people."
  • Increase Portability across state lines to set up true competition
  • Reduce Medicare and Medicaid fraud that equals over $100 billion per year
  • Effective Tort Reform
  • Address issues of Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Support small businesses through tax credits to offer healthcare insurance to employees
  • Promote prevention and wellness
Jobs and the Economy:  
The only way to reduce unemployment is through the private sector. The government does not create jobs--it creates debt, which kills jobs.
  • Drastically reduce spending
  • Cut taxes on individuals and businesses
  • Strengthen the dollar
  • Reduce national debt
  • Small business tax credits for hiring unemployed workers
The United States has one of the strongest work ethics in the world.  Americans want to return to work and support their families and pursue the American Dream.  The American People want jobs and opportunity not welfare and loss of hope - Let's give them those opportunities.
National Security:
A strong United States is a strong free world. A weak United States empowers terrorists and dictators everywhere. Like Ronald Reagan, I believe in "peace through strength."
Illegal immigration is illegal. Period. It is simply not acceptable, but addressing the problem is a challenge.

  • Secure our borders!
  • Deport any illegal immigrant who is convicted of committing a crime.
  • Create an illegal immigrant database.
  • Empower law enforcement to check immigration status on all arrests.
  • Incentivize illegal immigrants who come forward within 90 days to embark on the legal citizenship course via temporary "trial citizenship" status.
  • Disqualify illegal immigrants from many of the benefits offered to US citizens and legal immigrants.

Abortion - Sanctity of Life:
Life is precious and I believe in the sanctity of human life at all stages.
  • Our Seniors and the Vulnerable must be protected as strongly as the unborn
  • The track towards Socialized Medicine by the Federal Governent is a direct threat to the quality and quantity of life for our Seniors and those most vulnerable.
  • Taxpayers should not be forced into funding abortions
  • Partial birth abortions are no t acceptable under any circumstances
  • While Roe v. Wade is still in effect, abortions on demand must be replaced by education, counseling and waiting periods to offer women alternative choices to abortions.
Public Office Ethics/Standards:

Elected officials on all levels have consistently breached the trust of the american people. This simply must stop!


  • End earmarks unrelated to the bills under consideration
  • Require that all bills be read and understood by public officials prior to any vote
  • Post all major legislation online for seven day voter review period
  • Stronger penalties for ethical breaches by public officials
  • Revisit campaign finance reform legislation.

Brian Reilly and Andrew Breitbart
Education: Played high school football and was Student Government President at his university. More details as available.

Family: Brian lost both of his parents in 2009 - in July and December. He has seven siblings, was born in Niagra Falls, New York and is from a working class family.  From his parents he learned "diligence, preparation, continuous self-improvement, determination, self-reliance and love of God, country, community and family.

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