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Ten Buck Friday Blogs Send Their Bucks to Anna Little Week 2

RightKlik announced at Midnight EDT that Anna Little, the current mayor of Highlands, New Jersey, receives Ten Buck Friday donations with  42.1% of the vote for Week 2. Ms Little is running for New Jersey's 6th Congressional District.

Anna Little (R-NJ)

A word about Anna's Democrat opponent, Frank Pallone Jr. Pallone has been in the House since 1988. Anna Little is the one that can send him home, and we need this big spender to go home. 

In 2009 and 2010 Pallone voted for every spending bill with the exception two; he voted against the prohibiting of funds to ACORN.  He voted against prohibiting federally funded abortion services, he voted against prohibiting partial-Birth/Late Term Abortion, when Bush was President he voted against Defense Authorization. With Obama as President, he voted to fund defense authorizations. To end this litany of Frank Pallone shame - in 2006 he voted against the Immigration Law Enforcement Act, against the Secure Fence Act of 2006, against the Border Security Bill of 2005, against the Real ID Act of 2005. Check out Pallone's voting history here.


About Anna Little:

From reading blogs that are supporting Anna Little, I see there is great excitement about this women who is characterized as a true conservative.

It appears that Anna was not the odds-on favorite to win the primary against her Republican challenger, who outspent Little more than ten times. Anna's "literal shoestring budget of $19,503 is remarkable.... According to Terry Hurlbut at the Essex County Examiner, Little's opponent was the Republican Party pick; she had their endorsements and conceivably their monetary support. Hurlbut says the area's Republican Committee accused the leadership of being "far too dismissive of Little's candidacy."

 Here is information about Little from her website, and it is obvious this woman has proven to be a fiscal conservative"
Anna is a wife, a mother of three children, and currently serves as Mayor of the Borough of Highlands, New Jersey. As Mayor, Anna has proven her ability to manage a fiscally responsible municipality by reducing the budget, and implementing an economic growth vision for her hometown. 
From 2006-2008, Anna served as a Monmouth County Freeholder, bringing her vision of responsible government to the county by establishing the Continuous Budget Review Committee, and by hosting an Economic Development Summit. 
She is committed to improving her community as a trustee for the Frielinghaus Memorial Scholarship Fund, and as a member of the Historical Society of the Highlands. Anna also enjoys singing with the Choir at her local church.
Anna attended Seton Hall University where she earned her Law Degree. She is admitted to practice in The State of New Jersey, in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and before The United States District Court and has handled cases nationwide. 
Anna is fluent in Spanish and French, and has a working knowledge of Japanese and Russian. As an Immigration Attorney, Anna has represented clients from many countries throughout the world, including: Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Israel, Greece, India, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Congo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia, Tibet, and Thailand. Anna was born at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, and is a native of Middletown, New Jersey.
Little is endorsed by the New Jersey Tea Party, the Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots, the Bayshore Tea Party Group, The Conservative Party of New Jersey, The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, and the New Jersey Right to Life, among others.

This quote comes from the New Jersey Tea Party:
Some say the politically conservative Tea Party movement stands for “smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and safety and security for the US.” Others say it is just as well to add “support for Israel and disdain for the way the Obama administration has approached the war on terror.” 
With that in mind, the New Jersey Tea Party movement and many members of the observant-Jewish community have endorsed Anna Little, a candidate running in the NJ Sixth District Republican Primary on June 8th. “Anna Little is the only true conservative seeking office in the Sixth Congressional district,” said Jeff Weingarten, president of the NJ Tea Party.

So this week, in theory, Ten Buck Friday bloggers will be sending their donations of $10 each, and maybe more, to Anna Little. We have about 45 Ten Buck Friday blogs, but from the voting, we have many readers participating.

If you are disappointed that your own candidate did not win this week's poll, we just encourage you to think about what it means for Anna Little to be in the U.S. House of Representatives, rather than the progressive Frank Pallone. At least for now, when a candidate wins they are no longer on the next weeks polls. As we get closer to November that may change. 

When donating on this Ten Buck Friday, look for a spot on the donation form to write in: "Donation made with Ten Buck Friday Bloggers," or something similar. On Anna's donation form it gives you the option to pay through PayPal or send in a check. Just click through and the credit card option is there.

Ten Buck Friday Week 2 Winner 
Anna C. Little

For information on Ten Buck Fridays, see this post. If you want to get in on next week's poll and donation, contact RightKlik or Polemicon linked in the list below. Just leave a comment on any post and you will be added to the list - or leave a comment here and I'll pass it on.

A new nomination period begins at RightKlik on Sunday, and the poll comes out shortly after.

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