Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tim Burns Republican for John Murthas Seat PA-12th District Video

The critical race for Pennsylvania's 12th District to fill the seat vacated by the deceased John Murtha is heating up. In the video below, Tim Burns, a Republican, says "this race is no longer about John Murtha," "it is more about stopping the liberal agenda of Obama and Pelosi." Burns said the 12th District voted for Murtha simply because he had been there for so long. The 12th District special election is May 18, 2010.

Tim Burns

Burns says the 12th District is pro-gun, pro-life, against health care and against Cap and Trade. His Democrat opponent is Mark Critz, a former staffer in Murtha's office. Visit his website here.

Tim Burns, Republican for Murtha's Seat in Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District

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